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Delegate Feedback

Cold Chain Distribution and Temperature Control Management - Dec 2011

Roger Lamb was a fantastic speaker, really engaging and highlighted a topic/issue I hadn’t previously given much consideration to. Also Gerrit-Jan was brilliant for me the most thought provoking speaker, made me think about how we can improve & develop our operation, which is really main objective of event. Lastly, Nigel Cryer was so impressive, he captured my interest and full attention, I would like to see/hear him speak again”

Stephanie Meehan, Roche Products

“Very interesting event which helped me personally to understand better the context issues and challenges as well as potential solutions for cold chain shipping processes. Good opportunity to share experience, know-how and best practices.

Requested to remain anonymous

Advances and Progress in Drug Design - Feb 2012

“Top 10% in comparison to other conferences, excellent meeting, great organization.”

Geörgy Teseru, Gedeon Richter

“Very friendly and efficient greeting staff – this is important!”

Jonathan Stewart, Heptares

Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Jan 2012

“Fantastic programme – great assembly of experts – nice opportunities to network!”

Carl Rios, Takeda

PPP in Waste - Mar 2012

“An interesting and valuable conference, providing ideas and food for thought.”

Paul Boylin, East London Waste Authority

European Smart Grid Cyber Security - Mar 2012

“Another excellent conference, as always!”

Robert Cragie, Gridmerge

“Really enjoyed the two days. Good opportunity to network with various people from within the industry. Will be back next year!”

Robert Jeffs, Siemens

Electric Vehicles - Feb 2012

“Excellent, brilliant organization. Great selection of speakers, Excellent conference – great info that will help move the field forward.”

Mark Burgess, Oxford Brookes University

Social Media within the Military and Defence Sector - Oct 2011

“Enjoyed the conference and wish to attend the next one. I’ve learned a lot from all the lectures. I’ve got several answers to most of my questions. Many thanks.”

Lt Santo, Canadian Army

“Excellent staff at SMi”

Steve Carden, AMSAFE

Mobile Deployable Communications – Feb 2012

“High quality of speakers & very well organized”

Lieutenant General Michael Delorey, NATO Joint Air Power Competence Centre

“Very useful for keeping updated & also for networking”

Mike Kennedy, NATO

“Very well organized, good session lengths and high quality of speakers. Very worthwhile”

Richard Austin, SOCA

“An outstanding conference – thoroughly enjoyed the event and would be happy to return”

Trevor Austin, Royal Marines – HQ 3 Commando Brigade

MilSatCom Asia – May 2012

“This conference is very useful for MilSatCom users and service providers.. I have learned lots of things”

Seyit Guvenc, Turkish General Staff

“In this area of business, you are at the top”

Kazuyuki Kumagai, MCC Corp

CBRN-E Asia Pacific – Feb 2012

“SMi conference is very comprehensive with the best quality!”

Prime Minister’s Office, Brunei

“Outstanding conference. Great forum to network and share information with various levels of CBRN orientated organizations”

Stephen Johnson, US Army - ISFG

“Excellent conference. Well executed both administratively and operationally, kudos to the local SMi staff!”

Joshua Dress, US Military

Border Security Asia Pacific – Mar 2012

“This conference met all expectations. I came strictly for networking opportunities and was able to accomplish that successfully!”

Jeff Wagner, Senior Management Employment

ISR – April 2012

“Conference fully met my needs to gain increased understanding of the current and future perspectives on ISR problem space. There was good diversity between topics. “

Royal Canadian Air Force

Cyber Defence – June 2012

“Good. This has been one of the best domain specific events I have attended”

West Yorkshire Police

“Powerful learning experience”

State Information Technology Agency

Some other comments we have received....

“Best SMi respiratory conference I’ve been to”

“Good meeting, lots of thought provoking topics”

“SMi is among the best of educational meetings.”

“Good communication and prompt responses. Excellent lunch provided and SMi staff were efficient and friendly.”

“Good chance to learn and network”

“At the first conference of its kind I have attended, it was interesting for networking. I found the 2nd day more focused on useful information from my purpose. But all presentations well thought out”

“Excellent conference with great speakers”

“Fantastic programme – good assembly of experts – nice opportunity to network”