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Military Flight Training

22nd September to 23rd September 2014, London, United Kingdom



The training of military aviators has long underpinned the success and efficacy of air forces around the world. As the nature of warfare changes there is a requirement for training to continuously evolve along side it; technical advancements such as sophisticated mission planners, night vision technology, integrated simulated cockpits and fully actuated deployable simulators have made today's pilots better practised and more operationally prepared than ever.

SMi's 3rd annual Military Flight Training conference will build upon last year's successful event with focussed sessions from industry leaders on today's hot topics in the field, including training for 5th generation fighters, international cooperative training, Unmanned Aerial Systems, analysis of the advancements in live, constructed and simulated training, future skill requirements of pilots and cutting edge simulation technology. With the air domain becoming an increasingly prevolent part of battlespace and military spending being increasingly focussed it has never been more important to keep ahead of the game.

Military Flight Training 2014 will provide a forum for the some of the world's leading military experts in the field to discuss and share ideas supported by a panel of leading industrial providers to unveil their latest technology. For military decision makers, pilot trainers, and industrial leaders, you cannot afford to get left behind.

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