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Military Space Situational Awareness

18th April to 19th April 2016, London, United Kingdom



Space has become a very influential factor in warfare; satellites are used for communications, reconnaissance, navigation and intelligence to name but a few. Nations such as the United States have whole networks of satellites in space for military purposes. However there are several threats to these networks; cyber attacks, space weather, space debris, collisions with other satellites and physical (i.e. ASAT missiles) hostility are all real dangers that if realized can cripple a military force's fighting capability.


Therefor nations are actively seeking to get a better picture of what is happening in and around space in order to protect their national space infrastructures, both civilian and military. Furthermore, private industry has become more and more relevant in this field with armed forces often renting bandwidth from private satellites for their communication and ISR needs. 

Military Space Situational Awareness 2016 will together Military Space users and private industry specialists from around the world to discuss the challenges of gathering information in space and how they can be overcome through intimate cooperation and research and development. SMi strives to provide effective learning experiences for all delegates through expert speakers, carefully chosen through extensive research.

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