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Social Media within the Defence and Military Sector

Social Media – A Strategic Resource for Today’s Defence Community

19th November to 20th November 2015, London, United Kingdom



Social media has revolutionised our means of communication intercepting every region, sector and facet on an internal scale. Industries have been forced to not only acknowledge its existence but must embrace and evolve in order to survive in this new age of digitisation. The Military and Defence industry are no exception to this rule; for in recent years we have seen the utilisation of social media in order to accomplish many applications. However, we have also observed the use of social media for much darker intentions, with extremist groups using it as medium to spread their image and brand at an alarming rate on a global scale. We are entering into a new age whereby the security is not only determined by physical warfare and diplomatic reasoning but increasingly dependent on our digital capabilities as well. The question is, who is winning?

Following the phenomenal success of last year, SMi are pleased to announce the re-introduction of SMi's 5th Annual Social Media In The Defence & Military conference taking place in London on the 19th and 20th of November, 2015. This conference shall explore the developments within the social media space in a manner which is directly applicable to those who operate within the Defence and Military industry.

The conference shall cover all aspects of social media use from:

• Recruitment and Propaganda
• Strategy communication
• Public
• Cyber security
• Intelligence
• Extremist and cybercriminal threats
• Creating effective content
• Ethics
• Data sensitivity and management 

Very interesting array of speakers – love how international the audience is as well.” - Delegate 2014

“Best conference in terms of quality and people present” - Delegate 2014

“Smaller audience allowed for easier networking” - Delegate 2014


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