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Global MilSatCom 2014

4th November to 6th November 2014, London, United Kingdom



 SMi Group's 15th Annual Global MilSatCom 2013 was the best Global MilSatCom to date with around 400 attendees, of which more than 25% were from militaries from around the world. Our new venue meant that we had the opportunity to welcome over 30 sponsors in our exhibition room.

Feedback from this year: 

" I am always pleased to participate in this annual event. The SMi Group does a superb job in arranging the right speakers, sponsors and my hat is off to your outstanding coordination efforts"

Harold Haney, USSTRATCOM

I am pleased to announce SMi Group's 16th Annual Global MilSatCom 2014, 4th-6th November, Central London. The event this year is set to be even bigger than last year, with more military and more sponsors. More information to come nearer the event.



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