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Big Data & Analytics for E&P

9th July to 10th July 2014, London, United Kingdom



"Oil and Gas companies can now process and analyze enterprise, real-time and streaming data. The mash-up of data such as news on petroleum competitors bidding on leases, weather, pressure, vibration, and temperature of wells will pave the way for new opportunities in this sector. With Big Data, Oil & Gas companies can identify anomalies based on multiple conditions or predict the likelihood of drilling success, implement predictive maintenance, predict cyber-attacks, optimize safe drilling, and deploy automated alerts to reduce downtime".  (Ali Rebaie, Independent Big Data analyst & consultant, Rebaie Analytics Group, 2014 Chairman)

Following on from 16 years of conferences within information and data management the SMi group is delighted to announce its first in the series of events on Big Data Analytics for E&P.

This informative two day conference will give delegates the opportunity to hear the latest advancements in Big Data focusing on analytics for upstream exploration and production. Attendees will hear from a variety of industry expertise including operator case studies and leading big data vendors.

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