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Shale Gas Environmental Summit

27th October to 28th October 2014, London, United Kingdom



Shale gas is increasingly becoming the buzz word in the energy sector. The rapid boom of the shale gas industry in the US has transformed the world gas market outlook. This has spurred interest in shale gas possibilities in countries like Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. Although shale gas in only at its exploratory stage in the UK, the benefits of it are being underscored by the government. However the environmental impacts of shale gas cannot be ignored. Campaigners and environmentalists are lobbying against shale gas exploration in the UK.


The Shale Gas Environmental Summit, now it its 5th edition comes at the right time to provide a platform for various industry representatives including operators, environmentalists, campaigners, NGOs, academics and researchers to come together and discuss the environmental aspects of shale gas extraction and production.

- Is green technology the way for public acceptance?
- How do we monitor and enforce the regulations?
- Does the UK need more rigid laws for fracking?
- What are the resulting impacts on climate change and wildlife?
- what are the impact on water and air quality?

The above just gives a snapshot of what the 5th Shale Gas Environmental Summit will be about. Come and join us to discover more!

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