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Shale Gas Environmental Summit

Providing a platform for discourse on current developments in the industry

26th October to 27th October 2015, London, United Kingdom



With the election over and a pro-fracking government in power, the shale gas industry continues to develop. With recent licence and permitting applications from Rathlin Energy in Nottinghamshire and third Energy’s application in the Thirsk, Malton and Filey constituency it is more crucial than ever that the risks are understood with the scientific background. The regulation that is in place is a source of worry for many and ways in which this could be improved is also a vital discussion which needs to take place.

This conference has been designed to cover all the key issues relating to the Shale gas industry, ranging from the regulation and licensing, the impact on the public such as human rights and health and scientific and environmental concerns. This conference will be a platform allowing for a balanced discussion with room for moving the debate forward.

Topics included will be:

  • The reality of the potential for earthquakes
  • Monitoring underground fluid leakage
  • Land Access
  • Fracking as a human rights violation
  • Local Council planning applications
  • The development of Shale in the EU


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