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Shale Gas Environmental Summit

26th October to 27th October 2015, London, United Kingdom



If the shale gas industry continues to follow the path it is on, it could be a major industry providing thousands of jobs and growth for Britain. Industry as well as the government are all keen for the shale gas industry to begin with oil and gas companies currently in application processes.

There are however serious worries concerning the environmental impact this could have on both the UK and the global issue of climate change. There have been a variety of problems in North America, where this industry is most developed including earthquakes and the pollution of ground water. Other concerns regarding the shale gas industry include the impact of more transport, Noise pollution and potential health risks.

This conference will portray balanced view represented by those from all sides of the debate surrounding. These will range from the political, and regulatory to  Land owners, NGOs and campaigners. We will also be encorporating the fledgling industry in Europe, and taking a look at EU regulation.

Topics included will be:

  • The reality of the potential for earthquakes
  • Monitoring underground fluid leakage
  • Land Access
  • Fracking as a human rights violation
  • Local Council planning applications
  • The development of Shale in the EU


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