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Big Data in Pharma

12th May to 13th May 2014, London, United Kingdom



As the availability of large streams of data provides the ‘vehicle’ to drive change, never before has the saying ‘information is power’ been more true than in today’s evolving pharmaceutical industry.

Big data technologies make it easier to work with and link large datasets, detect patterns in real time, predict outcomes, undertake dynamic risk scoring and test hypotheses. Applying big-data strategies to better inform decision making could generate huge value across the health-care system by optimizing innovation, improving the efficiency of research and clinical trials and building new tools for physicians, consumers, insurers and regulators.

Following on from the phenomenal success of a portfolio of pharmaceutical events, SMI are proud to present the inaugural Big Data in Pharma Conference Monday 12th – Tuesday 13th May 2014, London. Focusing on how to efficiently utilize data to better identify potential drug candidates and develop more effective medicines, this is the year’s must attend event.

Join us and hear timely case studies and presentations from leading pharma, biotech and technology experts as they demonstrate how to create a winning big pharma strategy by turning raw data into informative, useful information that can work for you!

Key Topics include:-

• Building the ‘blueprint’ for a data-led pharmaceutical industry of the future
• Creating a successful big data organisational culture
• Forging winning strategic partnerships with patients, the public and industry to gain a competitive advantage
• Measuring the impact of big data on R&D
• Introducing data management and analysis to extract value

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