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ADC Summit 2016

23rd May to 24th May 2016, London, United Kingdom



SMi proudly presents the return of the 5th annual ADC Summit to London in 2016!

With the FDA's recent approval of ADC's Adcetris® and Kadcyla ® , the industry has never been moving faster. The ADC market is anticipated to reach around US$ 12.7 Billion by 2020* and with most ADC research currently only in pre-clinical stages, we are yet to see the full market potential that ADCs are to contribute to the treatment of cancer. In an attempt to develop successors to Adcetris® and Kadcyla ® , the pharmaceutical industry is making every effort to produce the best next generation of ADCs by pioneering new approaches to eliminate cancer stem cells. As a result new innovations in conjugation methods and linker technology are bursting into the clinic at a rapid rate.

The introduction of second wave technology has seen a shift in industry from randomised cross linking technology to site directed technology, which has influenced a number of novel site specific conjugation techniques which have further influenced the next generation of ADCs. SMi's 5th annual ADC Summit brings you timely discussions to overcome ongoing challenges, including how to improve the therapeutic index of your ADC. Our 2-day event will provide a comprehensive analysis of the various approaches with the next generation ADCs. The conference will also focus on how to screen for optimal site of conjugation and offer some insight into how ADC can work in harmony with the field of oncology.


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