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30th June to 1st July 2014, London, United Kingdom



SMi are proud to present their 9th annual ADMET Conference to be held from the 30th June and 1st July 2014 in Central London.

All companies involved in drug discovery and development need to use ADMET studies so as to understand and analyse whether the drug when ingested, will stay long enough in the body to fulfil its purpose and also to ensure safety and minimize toxicity. Therefore, ADMET plays an integral role in drug discovery, development, and safety. Predictive ADMET methods are also a necessary step in minimising drug failure. As such, strategies and approaches are constantly evolving, improving, and developing.

The topics covered in this conference will focus on the role of ADMET in drug development. We will also be looking at the perdiction value of toxicity while addressing in silico and in vivo methods. there will also be a focus on biologics v/s small molecules in ADMET and an update on drug transporters. Attendees will be at a distinct advantage and hear from the most important people in the field on themes including Predictive ADME, Screening Approaches, Pre-clinical Screening Approaches, and Predictive Toxicology, emerging issues such as, regulatory changes and Drug-Drug interactions.

2014 Testimonials include:

"Excellent" - Pharmidex
"Nice mix of attendees" - Grunenthal
"Good conference at general level to update your current knowledge" - Orion Corporation 
"Great conference! (well organised)" - Sanofi 

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