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Cancer Vaccines... Advancing Immuno-oncology

16th September to 17th September 2015, London, United Kingdom



Cancer Vaccines helps to boost the immune system's recognition and resistance to cancer cells. Thus, increased knowledge of our immune system has opened up new combination therapies in immuno-oncology, to enhance immune response, as some the latest treatments incorporate monoclonal antibodies and genetically engineered viral vectors to kill tumours.

In addition, two- panel discussions on both days will bring some key questions to light including the commercial viability of personalised treatments.


Some of the hottest topics will include:
• CAR T-Cell Therapy
• Oncolytic viral therapies
• Gene-therapy
• Adoptive T-Cell transfer

However, it has also become clear that cancer cells have different ways of eluding the immune system, which makes creating effective vaccines difficult.

Researchers are also studying the best way to give vaccines, looking to see if they work better when used alone or with other types of cancer treatments. Therefore key discussion points in our 2-day interactive panel will include:

  • Development of combination treatments - which ones are best?
  • Driving the next generation tools in cancer immunotherapy
  • How will technology and data systems need to change in order to allow personalised treatment to evolve?

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