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Advances in Cell Based Assays

11th November to 12th November 2014, London, United Kingdom



Clinical failure in the pharmaceutical industry remains at a phenomenal 90%. Failed drugs are costly both financially and in terms of human suffering. As a result there is an urgent need in pharmaceutical and academic research for efficient and innovative processes enabling more relevant, predictive and functional cell-based assays in the drug discovery process.

Returning for its seventh year as the industry pioneering and leading event, SMI are proud to present the 7th annual Advances in Cell Based Assays Conference, 11th-12th November, 2014, London. This event will explore latest trends and topics impacting cell based assays, discussed in an open and dynamic environment.

Come along and be part of a major networking opportunity allowing you to benchmark against the best practice strategies employed. You will hear case studies, presentations and round table discussions on the key issues in this sector delivered by a first-class speaking faculty.

Key Topics Include:

• 3D model of human epidermal equivalent (HEE)
• Translating drug combinations from in vitro to clinic – 2D Or 3D cultures
• Phenotypic screening technology as a powerful compound profiling platform
• High Throughput image-Based cell Screening
• Cell based assays for biologics targeting GPCR
• Label Fee- the way to be? Label free technology as a way to innovate medicine


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