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Advances in Cell Based Assays

Advances in 3D functional assays and high-content analysis to propel drug development and improve translation to the patient

10th November to 11th November 2015, London, United Kingdom



Cell based assays are the most accurate method of cell testing, due to the fact that live cells are utilized for experiments.

Thus, efforts have been dedicated to developing cell-based high throughput screening (HTS) platforms that can provide more relevant in vivo biological information than biochemical assays and thus reduce the number of animal tests and accelerate the drug discovery process.

SMi Group are thrilled to present the 8th annual conference in the industry leading series, Advances in Cell Based Assays, taking place on 10th & 11th November 2015 in Central London, UK.

Due to improvements in detection technology and sensitivity in drug screening, recent reports predict the cell based assays market to reach $4.7 billion in 2016. With a fresh new agenda for 2015, Advances in Cell Based Assays arrives at the perfect time to expand scientific horizons in key topics such as drug toxicity testing, live imaging, 3D modelling, phenotype screening, formulation in assay development, plus much more!

We have worked closely with AstraZeneca, GSK, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, to create a packed programme and a quality panel of experts to discuss and spark solutions specifically for professionals working in regenerative medicine using 3D cell based assays and high-throughput technologies.

We have created highlight topical sessions including: 

 • Bioengineering approaches for the derivation and manipulation of iPS cells in regenerative medicine
• Exploiting Gene Expression and Leveraging Signalling Pathway Mechanisms
• High-Throughput Screening in predictive toxicology
• Characterisation of human iPSC-derived Hepatocytes and toxicity mechanisms
• Functional genomic technologies for the identification of novel targets in drug development.

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