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Advances and Progress in Drug Design

17th February to 18th February 2014, London, United Kingdom



SMi are proud to present the 13th annual Advances and Progress in Drug Design conference, convening in Central London on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 February 2014.

This exciting event will focus on new approaches and the future of drug design. It will offer attendees the chance to hear from leading industry experts on lead optimisation strategies, SBDD and FBDD. 

There are lots of methods in drug design ranging from x-ray crystallography to NMR and computational chemistry techniques. Our drug design event will showcase innovative methodologies in drug design, strategies from theory into practice and informative practical guidance on drug design and discovery challenges. High profile scientists from pharma companies and biotech organisations will be speaking about their work in the field and discussing the latest developments in fragment based drug design, structure based drug design and the role of water in addition to lead optimisation strategies.

 Testimonials from 2013

‘High quality event!’ Eisai Ltd
‘Well selected talks, stimulating atmosphere’ Sanofi
‘Very good interactive meeting, overall excellent’ Pfizer
‘This was a very good meeting – right number of people’ AstraZeneca

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