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Maximising the Value of Imaging in Oncology Drug Development

12th March to 13th March 2014, London, United Kingdom



SMi are delighted to present their 10th annual imaging event, Maximising the Value of Imaging in Oncology Drug Development. The event will take place in central London on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 March, 2014.


Imaging allows us to answer questions that we did not know the answer to before. For example, it can help determine the composition of the tumour, clinical evaluation of patients and evaluation of new treatments. Imaging within the arena of personalised healthcare is an area of increasing significance and will revolutionise the field of oncology.

The event will focus on innovative imaging and effective strategies for success in oncology drug development. Both pre-clinical and clinical use of imaging will be examined.

Attendees will be given practical tips and guidance on cost-effective imaging management, regulatory insights will be provided and alternatives to costly independent reviews will be discussed. The use of imaging in clinical trials (Phases 2 and 3) will be considered and debated in addition to the use of novel biomarkers.

The event represents an excellent platform in 2014 for learning about the use of imaging pre-clinically and also in clinical trials, giving delegates access to the latest information and key case studies from across the industry.

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