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Parallel Trade

Addressing the implementation of parallel trade best practices to improve patient safety

9th February to 10th February 2015, London, United Kingdom



Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade in the European Union is a large and growing phenomenon.

Different regulatory regimes for pharmaceuticals result in significant differences in pharmaceutical prices across countries. These prices make it profitable for Parallel Trade to take place in addition to PT reaching a significant proportion of total national pharmaceutical expenditure in many European countries, particularly those with high pharmaceutical prices such as UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. But the issue of pharmaceutical Parallel Trade continues to generate controversy among stake holders and has become an issue of intense debate in the global trading system.

Europe’s leading Parallel Trade Conference will focus on assessing pricing strategies and the impact of parallel trade on the generics market and vice versa. In addition, there will be three open floor round table discussions drawing attention to the ongoing debate; is parallel trade justified? Stakeholder engagement and competition law effects will be discussed, in addition to a breakfast briefing on assessing data collection… and that’s just to start with.

Patient safety is first and foremost when it comes to the implementation of the Anti-Counterfeit Directive and this will be addressed. What will follow is assessing the repackaging and re-boxing of products. Further topics to be evaluated include case studies on the implementation of best practices and the outcomes to be reviewed on parallel trade, are they positive or negative?

The note to end on will be… What’s the future of Parallel Trade?

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