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Pre-Filled Syringes

28th January to 29th January 2015, London, United Kingdom



SMi are pleased to present Europe’s leading Pre-Filled Syringes Conference with 7 years of excellence at this well-established two day conference taking place on 28th- 29th January 2015.

The administration of therapeutic drugs via injection is an indispensable delivery method for numerous drugs critical to patient health and well-being. This field is evolving in response to changing patient populations, new classes of powerful therapeutic drugs and healthcare administration initiatives. With the pharmaceutical industry expected to invest $10 billion of growth by 2018, the consensus is that sterile injectables remains an attractive prospect with room for significant growth to improve the quality of patient’s life.


Pre-Filled Syringes are a fast and effective way to administer drugs and as many pharmaceutical companies invest – the challenges faced for improvements still stands and must be addressed.

As innovation continues to flourish, this two day event will focus on administration, efficacy, compliance and accuracy in the design and development of pre-filled syringe manufacture in addition to ensuring the most effective drug delivery system.

The issue of prefilled syringe safety has received increased attention as of late, with both integrated prefillable safety syringes and safety solutions designed to accommodate existing prefillable syringes advancing commercially – a regulatory session in addition to risk assessment will be addressed at the conference.

In addition, automated manufacturing processes, injection processes, enhancements and advances in material for construction of pre-filled syringes is at the core of the PFS world and this conference will focus on addressing these key queries.

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