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Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry

22nd January to 23rd January 2014, London, United Kingdom



SMi present their 6th Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference. As social media becomes increasingly integrated into society, so does the ability to network with one another. Corporate marketing has become a discussion, with two way channels of communication. Companies are accurately targeting specific products at the most relevant markets, consumers are able to share experiences and discuss ideas, and the industry-consumer relationship is extended well beyond the point of sale.

With health at the top of any patient’s agenda the opportunity for pharma to utilise social media to provide personalised care is abundant and with mobile devices becoming increasingly prolific, this personal contact is fast becoming continuous. Media is no longer simply a tool for companies to broadcast their own message, but has transformed into a means in which pharma are able to provide round the clock care, through active monitoring and remote diagnosis.

The pharmaceutical industry is only now beginning to realise the potential for social media and significant developments are being made as we speak. Join our panel of leading industry speakers, from Big Pharma companies to cutting edge developers of social media technology. You simply cannot afford to miss out.

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