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Social Media In The Pharmaceutical Industry

20th January to 21st January 2016, London, United Kingdom



As the debate and uncertainties regarding Pharma and Social Media continue to heighten, SMi are once again, kicking off the brand new year with this highly engaging and innovative event.

Social media, being the prime location for global conversations plays a central role in pharmacovigilance and digital marketing, as well as understanding trends, challenges and a 'Social Listening' tool to learn patient experiences and undermet needs.  


In looking forward to our 8th year, we are proud to be gathering key opinion and digital leaders from pharma and leading patient groups to review social listening skills and adapting to patient needs: What catalysts that are shifting communicative behavior and driving the digital platform?

Join the discussion from leading Pharma companies including Actelion, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lundbeck, Novo Nordisk and Roche to examine the regulatory framework and social media governance; consumer response to information generated and  adaptations to improve impact; dispelling misconceptions and educating the company about social media to understand the business need for it.




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