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Paediatric Clinical Trials

25th March to 26th March 2015, London, United Kingdom



A large number of medicines used in paediactric care have not been tested on children and are therefore used off lable or unlicensed. This absence of suitable authorised medicinal products to treat conditions in children is an issue that has been of concern for some time, and one that is increasingly coming to the fore.

Returning for its ninth year as an industry leading event, SMI are proud to present the 9th annual Paediatric Clinical Trials Conference, 25th - 26th March 2015, London. This event will look at the paediatric therapeutic developments, directives and procedures which have been put in place to protect children taking part in clinical trials.


A series of interactive conference sessions, roundtables and panel discussion facilitated by leading industry experts will provide executives with useful tools and best practices to effectively submit a PIP that meets FDA and EMA regulations and improve skills and understanding of the responsibilities of conducting clinical research in the paediatric population. In addition, consideration of new approaches for clinical trial design to keep costs down whilst navigating the complexities of paediatric research, makes this a must-attend meeting for all individuals based in the world of paediatric trials and care.


Key topics include:
• Guidelines on the Paediactric Investigation Plan (PIP) – strategies to overcome any challenges
• Formulating meaningful statistics with a limited patient population
• Site selection and feasibility- identifying appropriate clinical trial sites
• Optimizing patient retention strategies for successful trial development

‘Some great and interesting presentations’ Allergan

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