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RNA Therapeutics

15th February to 16th February 2016, London, United Kingdom



The 2016 RNA Therapeutics conference will hone in on some key developments currently shaping the industry, and putting the spotlight on messenger RNA-based Therapeutics.

We will review clinical trial updates in oncology, cardiovascular injury, and ophthalmology, and open the floor for discussion to review existing and emerging concepts in delivery systems, oligonucleotides, aptamer-conjugates as well as messenger RNA therapeutics.

The biggest challenge in enabling RNAi therapy is transporting RNA to target sites outside the liver, and so having targeted delivery systems, which can optimise bioavailability and controllable kinetics remains an issue. However, with exciting concepts such as polymeric nanoparticles and viral vectors as a new class of carriers existing on the horizon, the conference will look at the future of these technologies.

Moreover, messenger RNA (mRNA) is attracting considerable interest for its ability to restore gene expression and correct protein production. Thus, we will anticipate what new avenues will open up in gene- based therapies.

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