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RNA Therapeutics

5th June to 6th June 2013, London, United Kingdom



RNA therapeutics is arguably at the forefront of the treatment for a number of complex medical disorders. From Oncological implications to cardiovascular disease, the investigation into the mechanisms which inhibit specific gene transcription could provide the key to the eradication of a number of diseases. SMi’s 2013 RNA Therapeutics conference will look to discuss and share some of the latest findings and research in the field of RNAi technologies and the delivery mechanisms by which these therapies are administered to their target tissues.

A selection of distinguished speakers will look to provide the latest insights into some of the most promising technologies in RNAi development and delivery as well as addressing some of the current IP and regulatory challenges faced in the development and protection of these technologies.

Developing an understanding in how Epigenetic mechanisms can be used to alter gene expression is undoubtedly a prime target for the development of compounds which offer the ability to alter the processes of translation of a peptide. SMi’s 2013 RNA Therapeutics conference offers the chance to meet the industry leaders in this field and provides the perfect opportunity to network and identify new strategies for RNAi development and application.

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