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Border Security

26th February to 27th February 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria



SMi are pleased to announce the return of their 7th Annual Border Security Conference returning this year to Sofia, Bulgaria February 26 -27, 2014.

National Borders are a security issue for all Governments Globally. Vulnerable or insecure borders are akin to the promotion of illegal and potentially threatening activity towards a nation.
Global Governments are tasked among other things to protect their citizens, their economies and their resources. In order to make safe the above, the borders that run along the nations boundaries must be impenetrable to unauthorised or unrecorded crossings.

Returning to Bulgaria, SMi’s Border Security 2014 Conference will feature discussion on current concerns in Eastern Europe and around the world. As a relatively new member of the European Union, Bulgaria faces geo-political challenges unlike many of its co-members. Along with Romania, it is also doing everything it can to be accepted in to the Schengen Area. This necessitates effective border policing and this position as a border security hot spot makes it an ideal and intriguing venue.

Border control is incredibly challenging particularly when a border runs for thousands of kilometres often through hard and varied terrain. With the added pressure of some borders running through hostile environments steps must be taken to ensure all hazards and any potential threat stays beyond the border and does not penetrate into a nation. SMi’s Border Security Conference will highlight the key emerging efforts of international border control agencies.

Border security has long since moved on from the lone patrol footman walking along a barbed wire fence. Now, governments employ the use of sophisticated software technology for monitoring individuals as they move through borders. This method requires constant technological development and the addition of cross border agency cooperation.

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