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Cyber Security for the Military and Defence Sector

19th June to 20th June 2013, London, United Kingdom



With a greater dependence on computer systems and a reliance on integrated networking, today’s armed forces are faced with an ever changing set of challenges in maintaining cyber security from the threat of attack. Rapid evolution in technology has forced governments and industry alike to continually develop secure systems that remain one step ahead of the enemy. As cyber systems become increasingly integrated the requirement for a multi-layered, adaptive and self learning security system becomes imperative. With the prevalence of electronic communications, the growth of social media, a widespread access to mobile networked devices and the defence industry's increasing reliance on "Big Data", the cyber threat to today's defence sector has never been more apparent. The 'cyber landscape' is both dynamic and borderless and forces us to address our security in terms of technology, international cooperation as well as individual user awareness.

This year’s conference will focus on the military as well as the industrial defence sector itself; establishing what the current threats are, in terms of both state-sponsored intrusion as well as independent hackers and terrorist cells, what technology is currently available and where the gaps in our protection are. Additionally, with increasingly networked systems the defence sector has been presented with a whole array of emerging challenges in cyber defence. Cyber Security for the Military and the Defence Sector 2013 will tackle this by gathering senior experts from both industry and the military to discuss and ideas share to ensure that our governments remain educated, up-to-date and secure. 

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