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Sponsor Testimonials

Telecoms for Smart Grids - 2011

“Dealing with the complexity of the Smart Grid and the AMI requires a comprehensive strategy and an ecosystem of multiple companies. The Telcos will play an increasingly important role. Symantec is really excited about this upcoming forum where Utilities and Telcos are being brought together by SMi. This is the ideal platform for Symantec to share our security experience and support the Utilities and their partners in the safe transition to Smart Grid. It was advantageous attending the conference due to the content, presentations, and speaking with some of the energy providers. SMi has been very helpful, great organization and good relationship with Jamison Nesbitt”

Frank Bunn, Senior Manager for Industry Solutions, Symantec EMEA

Cyber Grids - 2011

“Thanks for your hospitality, generous assistance, and steadfast promotion of Lockheed throughout the event. I made some very helpful contacts, and I hope it serves as a springboard for opportunities for us in Europe. You had a full house of 166, and they were the right kinds of people to influence as we enter a new market space"

Commenting on the recent European Smart Grid Cyber Security Forum, Lockheed Martin

European Demand Response & Dynamic Pricing – 2012

“One of the best conferences I’ve attended recently on Smart Grids. Engaging speaks who focused on applied impacts and actions rather than just their theoretical benefits”

Lauren Stuchfield, National Grid

Pharmaceutical Microbiology - 2011

“We attend numerous conferences during the year but we have found that the conferences run by SMi group to be very well put together with excellent speakers and agenda to match. SMi are very professional, knowledgeable and during the conference very attentive. It is no surprise therefore that the conferences are well attended and we would give great consideration to any relevant conferences run by SMi group”

Peter Knott, General Manager, PMT (GB) LTD