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European Smart Grid Cyber and SCADA Security

10th March to 11th March 2014, London, United Kingdom



Positions now strictly limited, act now to get involved. Countries represented already include the UK, Netherlands, Qatar, USA, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland

Present and future SCADA and Smart Grid technologies have the capability of increasing reliability and optimising efficiency for Utilities, as they move from pilot projects to large scale implementations.

Technical advancements, interconnections, and the proliferation of access points increase complexity, and heighten security risks surrounding our most critical infrastructures – Electricity and Water.

Cyber criminals with very little systems knowledge are able to infiltrate industrial control operations, and help is freely available on the internet with a variety of hacker tools, videos and operational manuals accessible.

Inadequate protection of network-enabled assets carries far-reaching implications for public infrastructure, with the number of control-system cyber-security incidents industry escalating daily.

This year we will dive deeper into both enterprise strategy and engineering superiority to identify potential weaknesses, what countermeasure we take to strengthen those areas, and how we share information collectively to raise our defences against an ever evolving stealth threat.


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