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Meter Asset Management

22nd June to 23rd June 2015, London, United Kingdom



Utilities across Europe face the prospect of meeting the EU’s goal of installing smart meters for 80% of consumers by 2020. Whilst each country is meeting this goals in different time frames, many are in the same position as the UK and are in a crucial stage in the road towards full roll outs. Gas, electricity, and some water suppliers face similar challenges in managing existing meter assets and planning for the roll out and maintenance of smart meters.

There are many challenges that are occurring within this transitional phase, a lot of investment must be put into the smart metering technology and concerns regarding logistics, asset churn and workforce are common whether it be by an Energy Supplier or a sub contracted Meter Asset Management Company.

This conference will look at all the main issues surrounding this situation which include:

• A look at the technology sector and the direction its moving in
• Interoperability and standardising meters
• Issues surrounding workforce (training and optimisation)
• Logistics and tracking
• Positive Customer Engagement
• Best practice in Meter roll outs
• Data Management

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