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Social Media in the Utilities Sector

11th April to 12th April 2016, London, United Kingdom




As social media continues to grow rapidly every year within the utility sector, companies need to identify the best approach and interaction techniques with the consumer in order to protect their brand and reputation. Coupled with this is how companies can provide high levels of customer service over social media in an easier and more cost effective way then traditional methods such as call centres.

Engaging with the public via social media is no longer a choice, in fact by 2020 about 95 percent of a utility’s bill paying customers will have either grown up during the age of digital technology or will be “digital converts” and fully digital savvy. Marketing strategy is no longer a case of ‘should I be on social media?’, it’s all about how social media can transform a company’s digital presence and customer interaction.

We will discuss investment in to social media and how businesses should shape their online presence and develop strategies to harness social media. A key focus of this conference will be assessing how to make social media the centre of operations, not just a useful tool.

The utility sector has always received bad press and a lack of respect from the public, however, social media offers companies are chance to amend these broken bridges and repair customer relationships. Consistency, transparency and honest are crucial, so this conference will focus on injecting personality into communications and formulating imaginative strategies. 

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