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Social Media in the Utilities Sector

16th April to 17th April 2015, London, United Kingdom



As social media continues to grow rapidly every year within the utility sector, companies need to identify the best approach and interaction techniques with the consumer in order to protect their brand and reputation. Engaging with the public via social media is no longer a choice, in fact by 2020 about 95 percent of a utility’s bill paying customers will have either grown up during the age of digital technology or will be “digital converts” and fully digital savvy. This form of communication is now expected by the consumer, and the landscape of social media continues to change as the conference approaches in 2015.

Consistency and regaining customer trust is most crucial, so this conference will focus on injecting personality into communications, formulating imaginative strategies to appeal for the consumer and examine how to be a positive influence within the industry. We will discuss investment in to social media and how businesses should shape their online presence and develop strategies to harness social media.

Returning for the 4th year, SMi are delighted to invite you to the Social Media in the Utilities Sector Conference on 16th and 17th April, 2015, London.

As a business you do not want to waste time focussing on social media which is not providing you with the expected results. This event will also focus on new platforms for social media and how far utility companies can go whilst still maintaining relevance. Delegates will benefit from a range of presentations and round table discussions.

Some of the key topics will include:

• Discussing new Social Media platforms for 2015
• Look into the importance of evaluating social media activity
• Crisis Management – Being prepared and protecting your reputation
• Getting it right internally to support social media offerings
• Using social media to change consumer behaviour

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