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SMi’s Border Security 2010 returns next year to offer you an insight into land, air and maritime border security issues. Following on from sell out events in Istanbul in 2008, and Warsaw in 2009, Border security 2010 will once again bring together leading international experts from the security sector.

Next year we are placing a special focus on the use of border management technologies. Attend and hear special insights into how different surveillance technologies are being used to aid decision making and improve security at all levels. Discuss how far the human factor is being replaced and what your role will be in the 21st century environment


  • Hear a Keynote Address from Borderpol on the international security challenge
  • Take part in an interactive panel discussion examining how we preserve the humanity of decision making in a technological age
  • Explore the 'jungle' in Calais - lessons learned and future considerations
  • Assess the latest developments for border management technologies
  • Examine interagency and cross border cooperation


  • Managers and Directors in Security Management
  • International Border Police
  • Civil Responders
  • Emergency Response Planners
  • Intelligence Units
  • Security Trainers
  • International Ministries of Defence
  • Risk Managers
  • Border Protection/Surveillance Contractors
  • Security Advisors
  • Maritime Security Contractors
  • Airport Security Companies
  • Biometric Technology Labs and Companies


Feedback from Border Security 2009:

“A very good conference. Many of the speakers had excellent content. Good networking, and especially from the government present, very timely information.” Senior Representative, Airport and Seaport Police, USA, 2009 Border Security Attendee

“An excellent conference. I will be back in 2010!” Senior Representative, British Army, 2009 Border Security Attendee

“Overall it was a really good conference with a good mixture of presenters and attendees. Extremely well organised and I look forward to participating again in the future.”Senior Representative, Department of Homeland Security, USA, 2009 Border Security Attendee

“The candidness of the speakers was really refreshing and meant that both the conference and networking was easy and enjoyable. Well done.” Senior Representative, Lockheed Martin, 2009 Border Security Attendee

“A very professional conference with comprehensive presentations and excellent organisation from SMi” Senior Representative, Polish Border Guard, 2009 Border Security Attendee

Organisations in attendance in 2009 included:

Arinc, Oberthur Technologies, Carl Zeiss Optronics Gmbh, PIAP, Senstar-Stellar Corporation, FLIR COMMERCIAL VISION SYSTEMS BV, Whitney Bradley & Brown, WBB Consulting, TTcomm S.A, Sagem, Secunet Security Networks A G, Diplomat-Exclusive, Regula Baltija, Raytheon Company, EADS CASA, Thales Communications,Terma, Hildemann and Partners...and more!

Plus civil and military delegates from:


Frontex, Polish Border Guard, British Army, Airport and Seaport Police, UKBA, US Department of Homeland Security, Swedish Coastguard, French Navy, ICC International Maritime Bureau, British Army, Ministry of Defence, Israel, UK Metropolitan Police,
Romanian Border Police, Swedish National Biometrics Association, NATO HQ...and more!

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Mike McBride

Mike McBride, Consultant Editor, Police and Homeland Security, IHS Jane's Information Group


Nicodemo Liotti

Nicodemo Liotti, Head of Security for State Police, Rome Airport Police


Thomas Tass

Thomas Tass, Executive Director, Borderpol

  • Protecting against multiple border security threats
  • Increased cooperation between nation states and EU institutions
  • Forging effective interoperability between military and civil forces
  • Threats in illegal migration and people smuggling
  • Where do the biggest challenges lie?
  • The next step
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 Project EFFISEC

    James Ferryman

    James Ferryman, Dissemination Manager, Project EFFISEC

  • About the project
  • Efficient integrated security checkpoints
  • Case studies - what have we improved & what can we do better?
  • Future evolution

    Keith Best

    Keith Best, Former Chief Executive, Immigration Advisory Service, UK

  • Overview on the current status of illegal immigration into Britain
  • The “jungles” in Calais – observations and lessons learned
  • A common border without sufficient means to control it
  • What measures do we need to put in place to ease the problem?
  • 12:20 Networking Lunch

    13:30 Intentions to Efficiently Co-Operate

    Jordi Bonet

    Jordi Bonet, Head, Technical Support and Development Unit, Police of Catalonia, Spain

  • Not only information but intelligence.
  • Understand formatted or unstructured data - troubles with speed
  • Lack or loss of information
  • Intelligence graphic standards.
  • Web services, XML information format
  • Benefits reached
  • 14:10 SISF (Integrated Border Security System) in Romania

  • Introduction to the SISF project
  • Description of Solution and its implementation
  • Achieving organisational excellence
  • Chief Commissioner Bogdan Ivanescu

    Chief Commissioner Bogdan Ivanescu, SISF Programme Director, Romanian Border Police

    Marius Dumitru

    Marius Dumitru, Director of the Project Management Unit, Romanian Border Police

    14:50 Afternoon Tea

    15:20 Potential Uses for UAS Technology in Border Security Operations

    Andrew Mellors

    Andrew Mellors, Head of Civil Autonomous Systems, BAE Systems

  • What do we mean by an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)?
  • What could they bring to Border Security Operations?
  • Challenges to deployment and operations
  • Using Demonstration as a route to developing practical solutions

    Mike McBride

    Mike McBride, Consultant Editor, Police and Homeland Security, IHS Jane's Information Group

    Thomas Tass

    Thomas Tass, Executive Director, Borderpol

    Max Snijder

    Max Snijder, Chief Executive Officer, European Biometrics Forum

    17:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    17:10 Networking Drinks Reception Sponsored by ARINC

    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Mike McBride

    Mike McBride, Consultant Editor, Police and Homeland Security, IHS Jane's Information Group


    Professor Roberto Mugavero

    Professor Roberto Mugavero, Action Planning for Homeland Security & Protection from CBRN Events, University Of Rome

  • Major Event in Italy
  • Summit G8 Scenario
  • Security Planning and Organization
  • General Plan, Special Plans and Sector Plans
  • Armed Forces in Security Activities
  • Command and Control System
  • 9:45 The European Border Security Challenge

    Edgar Beugels

    Edgar Beugels, Head of Research and Development Unit, Frontex

  • Update of current operations and developments
  • Setting a European agenda
  • Maintaining and creating effective security
  • Free movement of trade vs. free movement of people
  • Challenges encountered and overcome
  • Future roadmap
  • 10:20 Morning Coffee

    10:40 NATO's International Border Security Agenda

    Bill Puttmann

    Bill Puttmann, Expert Civil and Military Coordination, Weapons of Mass Destruction Centre, NATO HQ

  • NATO and border security
  • Challenges in the fast changing security environment
  • Future plans and procedures
  • 11:15 Automated Border Control : Present and Future

    Sandrine Trochu

    Sandrine Trochu, Director Sales & Marketing, Sagem Sécurité

  • Sagem Sécurité experience in ABC
  • One concrete experience : Parafes
  • The challenges of the Future
  • Face on The Fly Technology
  • 11:50 Biometric Technologies for Border Processing

    Max Snijder

    Max Snijder, Chief Executive Officer, European Biometrics Forum

  • EBF’s role and activities
  • Update on the current state of biometric technology
  • Co-operation between regulators and industry
  • What are the limitations and will biometrics integrate successfully with existing technologies?
  • Existing challenges and the future growth potential
  • 12:25 Networking Lunch

    13:40 Technology Must Adapt to People, Not People to Technology

    Alexander Nouak

    Alexander Nouak, Head of Department Security Technology, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD

  • The passenger is in the focus not machines
  • Efficient border control by using profiling
  • Making use of the high level experience of the border control officers
  • Interaction between border officer and passenger for optimal classification
  • Advance by the use of knowledge: Electronic support as an addition for potent border control
  • Respecting ethical and anthropological aspects and thus human dignity
  • 14:15 Analysis of the Mumbai Terror Attacks: Lessons for International Counter Terrorism Agencies

    Commodore Seshadri Vasan

    Commodore Seshadri Vasan, Head, Strategy and Security Studies, Centre for Asia Studies, India

  • Why did security forces fail to prevent the attacks?
  • Critical failures on the border?
  • Understanding the murderous rampage
  • What lessons have been learned in the aftermath of the attacks?
  • 14:50 Afternoon Tea

    15:10 UK National Security Programme

    Detective Chief Inspector Raffaele D'Orsi

    Detective Chief Inspector Raffaele D'Orsi, SO15 Counter Terrorism Command Ports, Metropolitan Police, UK

  • UK national security programme for 2010
  • The work of the SO15 Counter Terrorism Command
  • Interagency and cross border cooperation
  • Pin pointing and guarding  against  multiple threats
  • Recent experiences and lessons learned
  • 15:45 UK Maritime Security – The Police Perspective

    Superintendent Brian Muir

    Superintendent Brian Muir, Maritime Co-ordinator, Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland (ACPOS)

  • The structure in the UK for dealing with maritime security
  • Liaison with partners
  • Government directives – at home and abroad
  • Case studies and lessons learned
  • 16:20 Inter-agency Cooperation at Spanish Borders

    Julio Serrano

    Julio Serrano, Fiscal and Border Command, Guardia Civil

  • Update of activities to date
  • Maintaining a secure national agenda
  • Information sharing and interoperability
  • Effective border security training
  • Challenges encountered and overcome
  • Future roadmap
  • 16:55 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two



    How would we cope with a Mumbai-style attack in Europe?

    How would we cope with a Mumbai-style attack in Europe?

    Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter's Hotel & Spa
    2nd March 2010
    Rome, Italy

    Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter's Hotel & Spa

    Via Aurelia Antica 415
    Rome 00165

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