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Following the great success received last year, SMi's second annual UAV Technology Central and Eastern Europe conference returns to Prague this September.

UAVs now more than ever play a pivotal role as a tactical and operational tool for the Armed Forces. SMi's UAV Technology Central and Eastern Europe conference will aim to examine and bring solutions to this specific piece of equipment and how to better utilise it during missions. Moreover, SMi will bring together a community of experts, friends and allies to share information and strengthen relationships. This reflects the growing need of nations, armed forces and industries to come together in order to achieve higher levels of capabilities.

Attending this conference will mean to not only have a clear understanding of UAV but to have a chance to be part of a community of leaders and experts that will impact the growth of these technological assets.


  • The only  conference in Europe focused on the procurement and acquisition of UAV capabilities of Central and Eastern European nations
  • This region represents a unique part of the world in this moment in time because of the focus on military investments and upgrades
  • Become part of the community  that is striving to maximising UAV capabilities
  • Gain a clear understanding of the market and thus and advantage on all the latest developments

•Operational commanders in the fields of UAV and C4ISTAR
• Un-manned capability advisors and programme managers
• Technical leaders from industry developing UAV systems and subsystems
• Researchers whose focus is technical innovation to support UAV operations

53. Recce and Electronic Warfare Regiment; Aeronautics ltd; AeroVironment Inc.; AMPEX Data Systems; Bundeswehr; Cybaero AB; Czech Air Force; Czech Armed Forces; Czech MoD; Danish Army; Danish Army Intelligence Centre; EDF; GEO-UAV; HARRIS Corporation; Hungarian National Military Security Service; Hungarian National Police; Ministry of Defence Czech Republic; Ministry of Defence, Slovenia; Ministry of Interior, Estonia; Ministry of Transport Czech Republic; NATO; NSPA; Pardubice Airport Authority; Polish Air Force Institute Of Technology; Republic of Estonia, Ministry of the Interior; Republic of Latvia Aviation Board; RUAG Aviation; S3, Inc.; Simlat Ltd; Spacemetric BV; Swedish Armed Forces; Swedish Army; Swiss Air Force; Textron Systems; UAE GHQ; UAV Factory Ltd; United States Army; University of Defence, Czech Republic; Verint Systems Ltd; WB Group;

Conference programme

8:45 Registration & Coffee

9:15 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Major General Bohuslav  Dvorak

Major General Bohuslav Dvorak, Former Deputy Chief of General Staff , Czech Armed Forces

9:30 The Advancement of the German Armed Forces Regarding UAV Technology

Lieutenant Colonel Roland Runge

Lieutenant Colonel Roland Runge, Head ISR & UAS Division, German Air Force

  • Heron TP: MALE drone (Medium Altitude Long Endurance)
  • The leading role of Germany in the development of the Heron TP
  • The importance of achieving a highly developed European UAV system
  • 10:10 The 4th Artillery Regiment: An Overview of the Current and Future UAV Capabilities

    Lieutenant Colonel Krista Bouckaert

    Lieutenant Colonel Krista Bouckaert, Commander 4th Artillery Regiment, Canadian Army

  • An overview of the activities and structure of the 4th Artillery  Regiment
  • Deploying "small" and "big" UAV
  • Collaborating with partner nations to foster relationships and improve overall know-how
  • Current challenges
  • 10:50 Morning Coffee

    11:20 Lockheed Martin CDL Systems-Working Together: The Imperative of Interoperability between UAVs amongst allies

    John Molberg

    John Molberg, Business Development Manager, Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems


              How interoperability can be a force multiplier
              Minimize training by making ground stations common
              Making use of and sharing big data
              Creating actionable intelligence from wide swaths of footage

    12:00 Proposal of UAS Training Programs (Theory and Practice) for Territorial Defence Forces

    Mrs. Justyna Zdanowska

    Mrs. Justyna Zdanowska, President, GEO-UAV

  • Legal regulations in Poland
  • Potential of Polish UAS Market and Operators
  • Training of UAS operatord in Poland
  • Development of Territorial Defence Forces (TDF) Units in Poland
  • 12:40 Networking Lunch

    13:40 Recent Developments and Updates of the Slovenian Planned Development of Un-Manned Aerial Vehicle Capability

    Mr Marko Gruden

    Mr Marko Gruden, Secretary, Logistics Directorate, Ministry of Defence, Slovenia

  • Current operational level of UAV within the Armed Forces
  • UAV as an essential tool for data gathering and surveillance
  • The next steps of the Slovenian MoD to acquire new capabilities
  • 14:20 The Czech Civil Aviation Department: Regulation of Unmanned-Aerial Vehicles in Czech Airspace

    Mr Tomas   Pustina

    Mr Tomas Pustina, Legal Officer, Department of Civil Aviation , Ministry of Transport Czech Republic

  • An overview of legal regulations governing UAV flight in Czech Airspace: safety, liability, insurance, privacy
  • The safety and legal challenges of operating UAV platforms in separated and/or shared airspace
  • Boundaries between state/civil aircraft and civil/military rules
  • Existing and future co-operation between the Czech Civil Aviation Department and the Czech Armed Forces/Ministry of Transport
  • 15:00 Afternoon Tea

    15:30 The Growing Threats and Defence Concerns of the EU and NATO: Improving Security and Optimising Resources to Effectively Face and Overcome Challenges

    Lieutenant General Konstantinos Loukopoulos

    Lieutenant General Konstantinos Loukopoulos, CEO, Formion SA

  • Past: Significant events that impacted the present
  • Present: current NATO status: capabilities, objectives, challenges
  • Future: How will NATO look like in 2020
  • How can NATO and the EU improve cooperation and joint capabilities by working with allies and partner nations?
  • A geopolitical overview of the Alliance: the Eastern and Southern border
  • 16:10 The Role of Unmanned Systems in Future Wide Area Networks

    Mr Greg Moore

    Mr Greg Moore, UAV Specialist, PA Consulting

  • How trends in commercial Mobile and Wide Area Networks are moving away from greater speed and towards greater coverage
  • How UAVs will play a key role in satisfying the demand for growing commercial networks
  • What this, and other commercial UAV trends, means for access to new technologies which could revolutionise Defence
  • 16:50 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    8:45 Registration & Coffee

    9:15 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Major General Bohuslav  Dvorak

    Major General Bohuslav Dvorak, Former Deputy Chief of General Staff , Czech Armed Forces

    9:30 The Role of Technology in Human Machine Teaming (HMT) for the future US Marine Corps Operations

    Dr. Bill Powers

    Dr. Bill Powers, Research Fellow, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies’ Center for Emerging Threats and Opportunities


    ·         Human Machine Teaming 2017-2025
    ·         HMT and Counter UAS Technology
    ·         Future Technology Beyond 2025

    10:10 How UAV Play a Central Role in Delivering Information for Optimised Command and Control: An US Army Europe Perspective

    Warrant Officer Richard Tiu

    Warrant Officer Richard Tiu, CW4, US Army Europe

  • An operational point of view of how UAV can assist ground troops during exercise and live missions
  • Working with partner nations to assure a strong and ready  Alliance
  • The latest developments regarding "small" UAV: quick deployment for a quick response
  • Current and future challenges
  • 10:50 Morning Coffee

    11:20 Developing Future UAV Capability for Eastern European Nations: NSPA Procurement Strategy and In-Service Support

    Mr. Fernando Yela

    Mr. Fernando Yela, Air and Land Combat Systems Programme Office, NSPA -NATO

  • NSPA structure and role in equipment support
  • Developing UAV requirements
  • Converting these into procurement strategy
  • In service support for the UAV
  • Findings and lessons learnt from recent UAV programme support, such as Heron
  • 12:00 Should Robots Decide Who and When to Kill?

    Dr Linda Johansson

    Dr Linda Johansson, Teacher, Swedish Defence University

  • Is it ethical to use UAVs?
  • Should lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) be allowed to make decisions to kill?
  • Can LAWS be held responsible for their actions?
  • 12:40 Networking Lunch

    13:40 Connecting Industry with World-class Research Tools and Capabilities

    Dr Peter Fuhr

    Dr Peter Fuhr, Tech Director UAS Research Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • An overview of the Research Centre
  • The latest research outcome: Fire resisting drone
  • How can 3D printing revolutionise the UAV sector
  • Cooperation with Armed Forces
  • Challenges
  • 14:20 The Innovative DualCam for the Detection and Localization of Drones

    Dr Samuele Martelli

    Dr Samuele Martelli, Embedded Computer Vision Specialist, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

  • DualCam is the first optical-acoustic camera that detects, locates, classifies and reports abnormal events
  • Military and civil deployment
  • Step forwards
  • 15:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

    15:10 Afternoon Tea and Close of Conference



    Lieutenant Colonel Roland Runge

    Lieutenant Colonel Roland Runge

    Head ISR & UAS Division, German Air Force

    Dr Linda Johansson

    Teacher, Swedish Defence University
    Dr Linda Johansson

    Dr Peter Fuhr

    Tech Director UAS Research Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Dr Peter Fuhr

    Dr Samuele Martelli

    Embedded Computer Vision Specialist, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
    Dr Samuele Martelli

    Dr. Bill Powers

    Research Fellow, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies’ Center for Emerging Threats and Opportunities
    Dr. Bill Powers

    John Molberg

    Business Development Manager, Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems
    John Molberg

    John Molberg

    Business Development Manager, Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems
    John Molberg

    Lieutenant Colonel Krista Bouckaert

    Commander 4th Artillery Regiment, Canadian Army
    Lieutenant Colonel Krista Bouckaert

    Lieutenant Colonel Roland Runge

    Head ISR & UAS Division, German Air Force
    Lieutenant Colonel Roland Runge

    Lieutenant General Konstantinos Loukopoulos

    CEO, Formion SA
    Lieutenant General Konstantinos Loukopoulos

    Major General Bohuslav Dvorak

    Former Deputy Chief of General Staff , Czech Armed Forces
    Major General Bohuslav  Dvorak

    Mr Greg Moore

    UAV Specialist, PA Consulting
    Mr Greg Moore

    Mr Marko Gruden

    Secretary, Logistics Directorate, Ministry of Defence, Slovenia
    Mr Marko Gruden

    Mr Tomas Pustina

    Legal Officer, Department of Civil Aviation , Ministry of Transport Czech Republic
    Mr Tomas   Pustina

    Mr. Fernando Yela

    Air and Land Combat Systems Programme Office, NSPA -NATO
    Mr. Fernando Yela

    Mrs. Justyna Zdanowska

    President, GEO-UAV
    Mrs. Justyna Zdanowska

    Ms Justyna Zdanowska

    President, GEO-UAV
    Ms Justyna Zdanowska

    Warrant Officer Richard Tiu

    CW4, US Army Europe
    Warrant Officer Richard Tiu

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    UAV Technology Central and Eastern Europe 2017 - Preliminary Attendee List


    Q&A with Mr Marko Gruden - Ministry of Defence, Slovenia


    Q&A with Lieutenant Colonel Roland Runge - German Air Force


    UAV Technolgy Central and Eastern Europe – Past attendee list


    Q&A with Oak Ridge National Laboratory


    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Lockheed Martin CDL Systems

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Lockheed Martin CDL Systems specializes in the development and licensing of vehicle control station software for unmanned systems. Lockheed Martin CDL Systems has developed an open, standards-based, and commercial off-the-shelf software product that has been integrated into numerous unmanned vehicle platforms. The company’s products are designed on low-cost, interoperable, and open architecture systems to support government and civil applications around the world, with more than one million hours of operational use.

    Simlat Ltd

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

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    International Journal of Intelligent Defence Support Systems


    IJIDSS proposes and fosters discussion on the development of novel computational intelligence techniques and their application to support systems used by defence personnel. The scope of application covers strategic, tactical and operational decision-making across the entire defence sector, covering areas such as intelligence gathering and analysis, capability assessment, tactics modelling and evaluation and logistics management as well as military systems integration and both semi-autonomous and autonomous systems.

    International Journal of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation


    Most of the research and experiments in the field of engineering have devoted significant efforts to modelling and simulation of various complicated phenomena and processes occurring in engineering systems. IJESMS provides an international forum and refereed authoritative source of information on the development and advances in modelling and simulation, contributing to the understanding of different complex engineering systems. IJESMS is designed to be a multi-disciplinary, fully refereed, international journal.

    International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control


    Most research and experiments in the fields of science, engineering and social studies have spent significant efforts to find rules from various complicated phenomena by observations, recorded data, logic derivations and so on. The rules are normally summarised as concise and quantitative expressions or "models". "Identification" provides mechanisms to establish the models and "control" provides mechanisms to improve the system's (represented by its model) performance. IJMIC has been set up to reflect the relevant generic studies in this area.

    21st Century Asian Arms Race


    21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is an online resource for conflict and security related information specific to Eurasia. 21AAR's editorial style and open source approach to gathering public intelligence ensures a unique and independent presentation of events in real-time.

    Homeland Security Research Corporation


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