SMi is proud to announce its 12th Annual Border Security Conference taking place in Rome on the 12th and 13th February 2019.

With the migrant crisis ongoing in the Mediterranean, issues emerging surrounding the return of foreign fighters and the ever-present threat of cross border criminality, Border Security stands at the forefront of planning for countries and international organisations.

Border Security 2019 will cover the most pertinent topics in the industry today and will feature high level briefings delivered by senior experts from many nations around the world.

• Discuss how political implications will affect border security within Europe and around the globe in 2019 and beyond
• Explore strategies and next-generation biometric technologies being implemented at land, air and sea borders around the world
• Discuss how European and Global borders can be effectively managed in response to the growing migration crisis and the increased threat of cross-border terrorism
• Hear how nations are implementing the latest biometric and data management capabilities to achieve secure and autonomous border controls 


Heads of Border Security Programs; Heads of Border Police; Police Commissioners; Heads of Airport Security; Heads of Airport Operations; Heads of Immigration and Customs; Border Management Experts; Biometrics Experts; Security Policy Managers; Directors of Maritime Operations; Heads of Innovation and Technology

Past attendees have included:

Accenture; Advanced Optical Systems; Aeroports De Paris; Airpoint Limited; American Embassy; Arma dei Carabinieri/Prime Minister's Office; Armed Forces; AURORA PREMIUM OUTLETS SECURITY LTD; Austrian Armed Forces; Bancomzyjazok JSC; Basis Technology; Booz Allen Hamilton; Borders & Immigration; C.I.E.R.; C.I.E.R. srl; Constitutional Court Congo; Corpo Forestale Dello Stato; Deolan; Department of Homeland Security; EAASP / Royal Gibraltar Police; Embassy Of Canada; Embassy of Ecuador; EU lisa; EU SatCen; EU Satellite Centre; European Association for Biometrics; European Commission Joint Research Center Space Applications Institute; European Maritime Safety Agency; Europol; Federal Police, German Embassy; Finnish Customs; Fragomen Global LLP; French Customs; Fujitsu Finland; George C Marshall Center for European Security Studies; Gryphon Sensors; Guardia di Finanza; Hesco Bastion Ltd; Hillard Heintze; I.S.P.R.A; Integrated Biometrics; Interior Ministry Czech Republic; IOM - International Organization for Migration; Italian Navy; Italian Space Agency (A S I); Italian State Police; Leonardo; Lithos SPA; Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems; Lockheed Martin UK; Magnet Forensics; Marina Militare Italiana; Ministry of National Security ; Ministry Of The Interior; NATO Defense College; NATO Science & Technology Organization; Naval Criminal Investigative Service; Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division; NCIS; NSWCDD; OBIM / Dept. of Homeland Security; OSDIFE; Polish Border Guard; Public Safety Canada; Royal Saudi Air Force; SAP Belgium NV/SA; SDU; SECMAN SRL; Securmatica Security Management ; SICPA; SITA; SRC Inc; Tascent; The University of Reading ; United States Department of State; University of Copenhagen; Us Citizenship And Immigration Services; US Customs and Border Protection; US Mission to the EU; USCIS; Verint Systems Inc; Vision Box; Vision-Box; WCC Smart Search and Match; XTAR, LLC; York University;

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

8:50 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Mr. John Vine CBE QPM

Mr. John Vine CBE QPM, Former Chief Inspector of Borders, Borders & Immigration

9:00 The Global Migration Crisis: Challenges and Remedies

Rear Admiral (Ret'd) Alberto Cervone

Rear Admiral (Ret'd) Alberto Cervone, Former Professor of Security Studies at the Marshall Center, Italian Navy

• The challenge of irregular migration
• International protection and its paradoxes
• Migration dynamics, responses and drawbacks
• Long term strategies and emergency measures

9:30 The Portuguese (PRT) Maritime Authority- Maritime Police in European Border Control Operations

Vice Admiral Luis Carlos de Sousa Pereira

Vice Admiral Luis Carlos de Sousa Pereira, Portuguese Maritime Authority Director General and Commandant Maritime Police, Portuguese Navy

• The sea: A multidimensional and multidisciplinary space
• Evaluating PRT Maritime Authority and European Coast Guard Functions
• Carrying out surveillance, control and information sharing in PRT jurisdictional waters
• Understanding the role and participation of PRT Maritime Police in FRONTEX Operations

10:00 Industry Milestone: the First Permanent Kiosk Based Border Control Solution for Entry/Exit Control in the EU

Ms. Keri Phoenix

Ms. Keri Phoenix, Manager, Innovative Travel Solutions, Vancouver Airport Authority

  • Learn of the recent kiosk deployment at Paphos International Airport and Larnaca International Airtport in Cyprus
  • Overiview of BORDEREXPRESS™ solution: a two step process for border control that expedites the border clearance process and strengthens border control
  • Summary of efficiencies and benefits for airports and Border Security officers
  • Review of the implimentation of kiosk based border control solution, including: stakeholder engagement, custom kisok workflows and process design, document validation, biometric verification, space requirements and layours, network infrastructure and requirements and facilitation
  • 10:40 Morning Coffee

    11:05 Applying Next-Generation Biometrics, Deep Learning, and Multi-Factors of Intelligent Security (MFIS) to Increase both the Security and Throughput of Border Crossing Solutions

    Mr. Robert Rozploch

    Mr. Robert Rozploch, Vice President of Research, Engineering, and Product Development, Gatekeeper Intelligent Security

  • Demonstration of how low-latency “actionable intelligence” achieved through the application of advanced technologies combining Multiple Factors of Intelligent Security (MFIS)
  • Advanced system solutions for vehicle border crossings combine a variety of factors, including: Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detection (IVOD), Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanning (IVUS), Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR), and Automatic Identification of Vehicle Make, Model, and Colour
  • Efficient system solutions are shown to achieve both increased security and faster throughput of land, air, and sea ports by prioritizing and alerting security issues that matter the most
  • Today’s challenges require solutions address both Vehicle-based and Pedestrian-based traffic flows
  • Effective local border crossing systems must integrate seamlessly and securely with higher-level Government databases and technology infrastructure


  • 11:45 Developments in Securing the Airport Environment: Preventing Terrorist Attacks and Other Security Threats

    Police Commissioner Peter Nilsson

    Police Commissioner Peter Nilsson, Head of Airpol, Airpol

    • An update on the current operations of Airpol and the threats facing Airports
    • Technological advancements within airport security and future plans to establish widespread biometric initiatives
    • Airport intelligence networks: how are helping secure borders and ensure threats to airport are mitigated

    12:15 Canada’s Seamless Border initiatives and Prototypes: An Overview

    Mr. Gordon Wilson

    Mr. Gordon Wilson, President, Worldreach Software

  • Earlier remote ID Verification (smartphones, biometrics)
  • Risk Assessment/Predictive Analytics at individual traveller levels
  • Inputs from full scale prototyping into redesign of immigration screening/automated approvals, primary border enforcement, and traveller flows with a biometrics corridor to achieve non-stop clearance for approved low-risk travellers for air and land modes
  • 12:45 Networking Lunch

    13:45 Cellebrite - 5 Digital Intelligence Challenges All Border Agencies Are Facing Today

    Details to be confirmed

    Details to be confirmed, ,

    14:25 'Happy Flow’: Enhancing Customer Experience While Ensuring Border Security with Innovative Border Technology

    Ms. Annet Steenbergen

    Ms. Annet Steenbergen, Coordinator Happy Flow and Preclearance, Government of Aruba

    • Contemporary capacity and security challenges facing the airport industry and the role of technology in solving these
    • Developing a passenger centric, seamless, secure, safe and financially sustainable airport ecosystem
    • Creating passenger profiles by establishing a reliable chain of identity between airport stakeholders
    • How to create this public private cooperation between stakeholders and address privacy/GDPR concerns )
    • Looking towards the future of Happy Flow as an international initiative 


    14:55 Learning from Developments in Airport Security Systems Which aim to Counter Current and Emerging threats to Air Borders

    Mr. Wilfried Covent

    Mr. Wilfried Covent, Senior Security Expert, Brussels Airport Company

    • Assessing past issues and the susceptibility of modern transport hubs threats
    • Developments being to airport security to combat emerging ‘insider threats’
    • Visibility as a deterrence: balancing security theatre and effective technological systems
    • Examining current security threats and future strategies at the airport

    15:25 Afternoon Tea

    15:50 The European Migrant Crisis: Assessing the Current Climate and Moving Towards more Effective forms of Border Management

    • An update on the current status of the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean 
    • Steps taken to reduce the risks and effects of cross border criminality related to irregular migration
    • Current strategies and the introduction of biometric technology initiatives to help nations conceptualise and operate their migration programs
    • Future initiatives of the IOM to assist in capacity building for better border management

    Mr. Federico Soda

    Mr. Federico Soda, Director of Coordination Office for the Mediterranean, International Organisation for Migration

    Mr. Marco Mantovan

    Mr. Marco Mantovan, Migration Management Unit, IOM - International Organization for Migration

    16:35 Finnish Customs Perspectives on the New EU Integrated Border Management Strategy

    Mr. Samy Gardemeister

    Mr. Samy Gardemeister, Director of Enforcement, Finnish Customs

    - Examining the importance of cooperation between national border agencies
    - Assessing the efficiacy multidisiplinary approaches to border management
    - Core issues surrounding the implemetation of the new EU strategy
    - Looking to the future and evaluating the implementation of a Finnish national action plan

    17:05 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    Mr. John Vine CBE QPM

    Mr. John Vine CBE QPM, Former Chief Inspector of Borders, Borders & Immigration

    17:20 Networking Reception – Hosted by Vancouver Airport Authority

    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    8:50 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Mr. John Vine CBE QPM

    Mr. John Vine CBE QPM, Former Chief Inspector of Borders, Borders & Immigration

    9:00 Recent Developments in Biometric Strategies at US Borders

    Mr. Patrick Nemeth

    Mr. Patrick Nemeth, Director of Identity Operations Division, Us Department Of Homeland Security

  • Operating and maintaining IDENT (Automated Biometric Identification System) - the largest homeland security focused automated biometric identification system in the world
  • Developing and deploying IDENT's replacement - Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology
  • Leveraging continued international information sharing
  • 9:30 From Silos to Interoperability – Evolution of Technology in Service of Border Management

    Mr. Krum Garkov

    Mr. Krum Garkov, Director, EU lisa

    • The current work of The European Agency for the Operational Management of large-scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (eu-Lisa) in developing effective systems to safeguard borders and the to analyse irregular migration flows
    • Utilising the VIS and Eurodac systems to ensures efficient and secure processing of the visa processes and border entry travel procedures and to monitor asylum applications
    • Maintaining operational success through through effective and open partnerships with Member States and EU institutions


    10:00 Recent Developments in the Use of Biometrics in Border Security

    Mr. Marek Rejman-Greene

    Mr. Marek Rejman-Greene, Consultant and Former Senior Biometrics Adviser at the Home Office, Identity for Services

    • Lessons learnt in the introduction of biometrics
    • Progress in technology – where are the significant deployments
    • Using a service perspective to optimise the solution

    10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 Enhancing Border Security with INTERPOL Policing Capabilities

    Mr. Andrew  Parker

    Mr. Andrew Parker, Integrated Border Management Task Force Co-ordinator, Interpol

    • Results and lessons learned from INTERPOL operations at air, land, and sea border points, including cooperation with Frontex
    • Capacity building training to improve crime detection at international borders
    • Improving worldwide border management policy through cross-border partnerships between INTERPOL, member countries, and international organizations
    • Systematic use of INTERPOL and regional databases, biometrics, API/PNR analysis software, and task force approaches in ideal border management.

    11:30 The Importance of Improving Networking Capabilities of National Security Forces as a Multi-lateral Response to Security Threats

    Mr. Manuel Navarrette

    Mr. Manuel Navarrette, Head of Europol's European Counter Terrorism Centre, Europol

    • The current climate surrounding transnational, cross border terrorism in Europe
    • Irregular migration and its impact on counter terrorism strategies
    • Returning foreign fighters and the need to track individuals posing threats to national security 
    • Current initiatives to utilise and improve upon international police networks when fighting criminality

    12:00 Networking Lunch

    13:00 Enhancing Border Security Capabilities: German Border Control of the Future

    Mr. Ralph Krueger

    Mr. Ralph Krueger, Director of Project Border Control of the Future, German Federal Police

    • An update on the progress of the project over the past year
    • PNR, Entry/Exit and ABC gate projects to enhance and renew border controls to meet EU standards
    • Targeting efficient and operational functionality of new border control technology by 2022
    • Feedback from testing at Frankfurt Airport and other pilot schemes

    13:30 Learning from Swedish Border Management Approaches and the Implementation of New Strategies to Counter Emerging Threats

    Superintendent Patrik Engstrom

    Superintendent Patrik Engstrom, Head of National Border Policing Section, Swedish Police Authority

    • Addressing the recommendations and lessons learnt through monitoring processes and the Schengen evaluation
    • Addressing mobile criminal networks and irregular migration in the current Schengen environment  - an update on the current strategies being employed by the Swedish Border authorities
    • Early lessons from implementing the PNR-directive and preparations for Entry-Exit systems

    14:00 Afternoon Tea

    14:30 Lessons Learnt form the Strategies Implemented by the OSCE to Ensure Better Co-ordination, Coherence and Efficiency in Countering Border Threats

    Ms. Rasa Ostrauskaite

    Ms. Rasa Ostrauskaite, Director of Transnational Threats Department, OSCE

    • Current operations of the department in fighting against terrorism and promoting refined border security and management
    • The importance of fostering international cooperation to counter transnational border security threats
    • The implications of emerging challenges to transnational security and measure to counter this

    15:00 The EU Policy of Migration and Border Management: Case Study on Turkey

    Dr Michael Rupp

    Dr Michael Rupp, Head of Section for Border Managment and Migration Issues, European Union Dedication to Turkey

  • Development of EU migration and border management policy
  • Turkey as a strategic partner in migration
  • Border management investment project in Turkey
  • 15:30 Hungarian participation in European border security research and innovation - an end-user coordinated cooperation

    Dr Szekelly Zoltan

    Dr Szekelly Zoltan, National Police Research Coordinator, Hungarian National Police

    • A look at the organizations cooperating in international border security research and innovation in Hungary
    • Current border security challenges in Hungary, a focus on irregular migration, illegal migration, rising border traffic, new trends and emerging risks in border surveillance
    • Hungary’s current projects and how they fit into the CONOPS, national and EU security strategy, policies and regulatory framework

    16:00 Estonian Border Security: Recent Developments and Highlighting Initiatives

    Egert Belitsev

    Egert Belitsev, Head of Integrated Border Management Bureau, Estonian Police and Border Guard Administration

  • Current initiatives in place and how threats are being mitigated
  • Maintaining effective immigration and customs controls
  • Constructive coordination with other nations for successful regional security 
  • 16:30 Improving border security in Mediterranean through Comprehensive Border Governance: case study of Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco

    Mr Borut Erzen

    Mr Borut Erzen, Head of Border Management and Security Programme, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)

  • ICMPD is implementing EU funded technical assistance projects in the Mediterranean with a focus on strengthening governance at borders
  • Effects of different security, political and economic situations on border management
  • How successful and applicable concepts of Comprehensive Border Governance may be utilised in the Region?
  • 17:00 DIAL's Efforts to Ease Border Crossing

    Mr Sanjay Kumar

    Mr Sanjay Kumar, Safety Specialist, Delhi International Airport Limited

  • Outlining the differing controls for international and national passengers
  • Intergovernmental efforts to prevent the movement of undesirable elements
  • Effectively quarantining dangerous goods and individuals
  • 17:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

    Mr. John Vine CBE QPM

    Mr. John Vine CBE QPM, Former Chief Inspector of Borders, Borders & Immigration


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    Speaker interview with Annet Steenbergen, Coordinator Happy Flow and Preclearance, Government of Aruba


    Speaker interview with Robert Rozploch, VP of Research, Engineering, and Product Development, Gatekeeper Intelligent Security




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    Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter's Hotel & Spa

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