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The state of the European and UK Gas market is a story of two halves. Can the UK cope with the current pressures brought about with the winter summer spread, how we can become more flexible to meet the strains? Developments in Eastern Europe are a continued concern to the security of supply, and with Gazprom securing nearly all of Germany’s gas storage capacity what is in store for the future of Europe’s gas storage and transmissions industry? These are just some of the questions and discussions that will be had at SMi’s 9th annual Gas Storage and Transmission Conference, can you afford to miss out?







SMi’s 9th annual Gas Storage and Transmissions Conference will provide its delegates with an information packed agenda with representatives from across the industry giving a comprehensive overview of the market, looking at the current state of the European Gas market and security of supply, gas transmission and how gas storage will contribute to future demand, new commission regulations, the flexibility of the UK market, south stream plus more…….

SMi’s 9th Annual Gas Storage and Transmission conference will be a must attend conference for 2015. The 2 day conference will provide delegates with the perfect opportunity to gain a complete overview of the industry in Europe and the UK as well as create a common voice for future progression.











• Discuss the current state of the European Market and security of supply
• Deliberate the continued concerns in Eastern Europe
• Understand the new EU regulations and new network codes
• Hear the latest developments for European and UK gas storage operators
• Create a common platform for the industry to reform and move forward together
Scrutinise gas transmission systems and how they can support the European markets

Company executives
Government officials and policymakers
Marketing and sales managers
Gas marketers and brokers
Project developers
Strategists, planners, and analysts
Environmental educators, professors, or consultants
Geologists and engineers that need a better understanding of the non-technical challenges to shale development
Energy consultants
Business Development Director
Business Development Manager
Commercial Advisor
Commercial Managers
Geological Advisors
Heads of Gas Storage
Manager Gas Division
Managing Director
Process Development Engineer
Project Advisors and Managers
Project Manager
Senior Scientist
Staff, Technology Planning Department
VPs and Heads of Exploration and Production
Public Relations

Previous attendees include:


AXIS PED LIMITED; CEDIGAZ; Centrica; Energinet.dk; Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA); Enovos Luxembourg; ENTSOG; Etzel-Kavernenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG; G&G International nv; Gas Storage Bergermeer; Gasunie Zuidwending; Geostock; Green Frog Energy; Halite Energy Group; Hydrodynamics ; Hydromer Energy Limited; I C I S; ICIS ; Institute Of Materials, Minerals and Mining ; Interfax Europe; KYOS Energy Consulting; LNG Shipping News ; MAN Diesel & Turbo UK Ltd; MJM Energy; Mjmenergy; Nafta; National Grid Plc; Platts; RWE Energie AG; RWE Gas Storage; Rwe Gasspeicher Gmb H; Scotiabank; Shell Energy Europe Ltd; SolTech Projects Inc; SSE; Storengy UK; Tata Chemicals; Wingas Storage UK Ltd;

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Mike Madden

Mike Madden, Managing Director, MJM Energy

9:10 Storage in Europe, recent developments and outlook to 2035

Geoffroy Hureau

Geoffroy Hureau, General Secretary, CEDIGAZ

European storage market in 2014
Review of 2014 trends
Current challenges
Key factors triggering storage needs
Outlook to 2035

9:50 Internal Gas Market Framework - Update on the Network Codes

Malcolm Arthur

Malcolm Arthur , Subject Manager , ENTSOG

-          Role of codes
-          Status of network code implementation
-          New codes / code amendments

10:20 Morning Coffee

10:40 The Reform of the EU Security of Supply framework - more markets, more interventions, more cooperation?

Oliver Koch

Oliver Koch, Deputy Head of Unit, Unit of Security of Supply, European Commission

• Reform of the EU Gas Security of Supply Regulation – what is it about?
• What role for gas storage – and how to activate it?
• How do we come to more cross-border cooperation?

11:20 The role of gas storage in the transition to a low carbon future

Hans-Age  Nielsen

Hans-Age Nielsen, Gas Market Development, Energinet.dk

• What do gas storage have to offer?
• Will the low oil price stop renewable energy?
• Who has a business model for energy storage?

12:00 Networking Lunch

13:00 Can gas storage be made future-proof?

Daniel  Urban

Daniel Urban, Manager Regulatory Affairs, RWE Gas Storage

Is the current business model of storage sustainable?
Why everybody loves storage but nobody is willing to pay much for it
What is the long-term impact of low seasonal spreads?
Is it time to call in the regulators?
Should you care?

13:30 US and European Storage Markets Comparison

Paul Bieniawski

Paul Bieniawski, CEO, Zechstein Energy Storage

  • How have US and European Markets Developed?
  • How are the Assets Operated in Each Market?
  • How do Development and Operating Costs Compare?
  • What is the Future of Gas Storage?
  • 14:00 Regulatory environment for the development of gas storage projects in CEE

    Kostadin Sirleshtov

    Kostadin Sirleshtov, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP

    • Overview of the current gas storage policies of the CEE countries
    • Regulatory environment and specifics
    • New gas storage projects in CEE and lessons learned
    • Investment opportunities

    14:30 Environmental Permitting and Gas Infrastructure

    Ian   Graves

    Ian Graves, Associate Director, Zyda Law

    • General introduction / brief background to environmental permitting
    • The Environmental Permitting Regulations as they apply to gas storage and transmission specifically
    • Brief discussion of any relevant policy / guidance
    • Procedure for applications
    • Regulation and compliance
    • Enforcement and penalties

    15:10 Afternoon Tea

    15:40 The cancellation of the South Stream gas pipeline project: Consequences for Russian gas exports to Europe

    Jack Sharples

    Jack Sharples, Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science and Sociology, European University of St Petersburg

  • Brief overview of the South Stream project
  • Why Gazprom cancelled the South Stream project
  • Impact on Gazprom’s gas export strategy
  • Consequences for EU as an importer of Russian gas
  • Conclusion
  • 16:20 Panel discussion- How can Europe develop and move forward as one?

    • UGS operators need to be more flexible in order to be successful
    • What options do UGS have to counter act the flexibility?
    • How can regulations improve the market and what needs updating

    Alan  McFadden

    Alan McFadden, Head of Gas Storage - Commercial , SSE Gas Storage

    Michael  Kohl

    Michael Kohl, Managing Director , RWE Gasspeicher GmbH

    Paul Bieniawski

    Paul Bieniawski, CEO, Zechstein Energy Storage

    17:20 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    Mike Madden

    Mike Madden, Managing Director, MJM Energy

    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Mike Madden

    Mike Madden, Managing Director, MJM Energy

    9:10 The Dynamics of a Liberalised European Gas Market

    Jonathan Stern

    Jonathan Stern, Chairman and a Senior Research Fellow, Natural Gas Research Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

    • European Gas Price Evolution: what are the key determinants of hub pricing?
    • European Gas Market Players: changing roles and risks
    • Summary and Conclusions

    9:50 Gas storage in Europe – conditions for success

    Charlotte  Roule

    Charlotte Roule, Managing Director, Storengy UK

    • What is the value of gas storage
    • Current market in Europe and its impact on storage business
    • Conditions for storage in the future

    10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 Role of infrastructure in SEE supply security

    Katya Zapletnyuk

    Katya Zapletnyuk, Editor - European Gas Markets, I C I S

    • SEE post South Stream cancellation
    • Market liberalisation across SEE
    • New cross-border projects
    • Future supply sources


    11:40 The Role of Gas Infrastructure in the Gas Market

    Francisco De La Flor Garcia

    Francisco De La Flor Garcia, Director Of Regulation, Enagas S A

    • Is there enough infrastructure?
    • The role of interconnections: price convergence, market integration, security of supply and sustainability
    • Infrastructure services cost vs. commodity cost
    • Investment climate in the EU
    • LNG terminals services: truckloading, reloadings and small scale LNG

    12:20 Diversification, Market Opening & Integration – recent developments in East Baltic Region

    Vytautas  Ruolia

    Vytautas Ruolia, Commercial Director, Amber Grid

    •         Major gas infrastructure projects and  what benefits and opportunities for the market do they provide
    •         Market opening – from single supplier to active competition
    •         Adapting market rules for diversified gas flows
    •         National vs. regional market –  options for market integration

    13:00 Networking Lunch

    14:00 Storage - Strategic Value in the Great Game

    Nick White

    Nick White, Principal Consultant, MJM Energy

    Following the success of their dynamic Storage Balancing Game at the conference last year, the team at MJMEnergy has developed a new exercise exploring the strategic value of storage in dynamic and volatile gas supply contexts. In this interactive game-based exercise teams of delegates compete as they react to geopolitical and supply and demand issues utilising a mix of storage, imports and other flexibility tools. Key issues addressed include:

    • Value and utilisation of market and strategic storage
    • Weather impact and demand volatility
    • Geopolitical interactions
    • Interaction between storage and alternative flexibility sources
    • Short-term and long-term drivers

    14:45 Developing Natural Gas Market in CEE Region

    Piotr  Kus

    Piotr Kus, Director, Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

    • Overview of natural gas market in CEE.
    • The CEE natural gas market evolution and main drivers.
    • Development of liquid, competitive and secure regional market.
    • Ongoing and planned infrastructure projects in CEE region and their impact
    • Changes in the Regulatory Landscape.

    15:15 Afternoon Tea

    15:45 Commercial Perspective on Storage Project Development

    Andrew Stacey

    Andrew Stacey, Director, Stag Energy

    • Current state of the UK gas market – uncertainty, change and risk
    • Economic difficulties in project development – Extrinsic and Intrinsic value in a flat market
    • Long Duration vs. Short duration storage
    • Challenges and solutions to new storage build

    16:25 Developing the Gas Transmission System in an Uncertain World

    Eddie  Blackburn

    Eddie Blackburn, Gas Network Capability Manager, National Grid

    • Drivers for Change
    • Making the Decision
    • Why is stakeholder engagement important
    • Case study


    17:05 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

    Mike Madden

    Mike Madden, Managing Director, MJM Energy



    Alan  McFadden

    Alan McFadden

    Head of Gas Storage - Commercial , SSE Gas Storage
    Jonathan Stern

    Jonathan Stern

    Chairman and a Senior Research Fellow, Natural Gas Research Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
    Michael  Kohl

    Michael Kohl

    Managing Director , RWE Gasspeicher GmbH
    Oliver Koch

    Oliver Koch

    Deputy Head of Unit, Unit of Security of Supply, European Commission

    Alan McFadden

    Head of Gas Storage - Commercial , SSE Gas Storage
    Alan  McFadden

    Andrew Stacey

    Director, Stag Energy
    Andrew Stacey

    Charlotte Roule

    Managing Director, Storengy UK
    Charlotte  Roule

    Daniel Urban

    Manager Regulatory Affairs, RWE Gas Storage
    Daniel  Urban

    Eddie Blackburn

    Gas Network Capability Manager, National Grid
    Eddie  Blackburn

    Francisco De La Flor Garcia

    Director Of Regulation, Enagas S A
    Francisco De La Flor Garcia

    Geoffroy Hureau

    General Secretary, CEDIGAZ
    Geoffroy Hureau

    Hans-Age Nielsen

    Gas Market Development, Energinet.dk
    Hans-Age  Nielsen

    Ian Graves

    Associate Director, Zyda Law
    Ian   Graves

    Jack Sharples

    Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science and Sociology, European University of St Petersburg
    Jack Sharples

    Jonathan Stern

    Chairman and a Senior Research Fellow, Natural Gas Research Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
    Jonathan Stern

    Katya Zapletnyuk

    Editor - European Gas Markets, I C I S
    Katya Zapletnyuk

    Kostadin Sirleshtov

    Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP
    Kostadin Sirleshtov

    Malcolm Arthur

    Subject Manager , ENTSOG
    Malcolm Arthur

    Michael Kohl

    Managing Director , RWE Gasspeicher GmbH
    Michael  Kohl

    Mike Madden

    Managing Director, MJM Energy
    Mike Madden

    Nick White

    Principal Consultant, MJM Energy
    Nick White

    Oliver Koch

    Deputy Head of Unit, Unit of Security of Supply, European Commission
    Oliver Koch

    Paul Bieniawski

    CEO, Zechstein Energy Storage
    Paul Bieniawski

    Paul Zyda

    Principal Solicitor, Zyda Law
    Paul Zyda

    Piotr Kus

    Director, Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.
    Piotr  Kus

    Vytautas Ruolia

    Commercial Director, Amber Grid
    Vytautas  Ruolia

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    Q&A with Jack Sharples


    Gas Storage and Transmissions 2014 Attendees


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