SMi Group proudly present that the 19th Annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum is returning to Amsterdam in November 2020! This year's meeting will bring together key professionals in the PPP, project financing and infrastructure sectors to discuss the latest issues and trends within the Benelux market.
Through discussing specific case studies and highlighting the challenges of coordinating and operating an Infrastructure project in the region from the perspective of all involved – constructers, banks, financiers, lawyers, regulators and consultants, - the event will provide insight into the new technologies and financing options available to get the best out of each project.
The Forum will have a specific focus on offshore wind and how this can be integrated with offshore solar and energy storage; and lead onto the new mechanisms of investment such as debt financing, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), refinancing projects and subsidies used to finance for geothermal projects operating in the Netherlands.
Other new topics for this year include looking at the challenges of project risk in new markets for enticing investors.
The conference has established itself as the industry-leading event for the Benelux region and will provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn and network amongst senior executives in this thriving industry. The Benelux Infrastructure Forum is the only place to meet the major players within this industry from both the banks, constructors, institutional investors, lawyers and the regulators.


•Join the only conference tailored to the specific issues that the Benelux region faces
•Case study updates from major projects in the region – Offshore wind, Geothermal, Offshore Solar and Digital Infrastructure.
•Explore the different financing models available for renewable projects to ensure success
•Discover what makes investments in the digital infrastructure so attractive to infrastructure investors
•Exclusive networking opportunities with key opinion leaders and decision makers at the forefront of

ABN AMRO Bank N.V; Allen & Overy (Belgium) LLP; Allen & Overy LLP; Allianz Global Investors; ALTIUS - Law Firm; ASN Bank; BAM PPP Belgium & The Netherlands; Bayern LB; BESIX Group; Capital Dynamics Ltd; Clairfield; Clifford Chance; DG ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL AFFAIRS ; DIF management BV; DLA Piper; DNV GL; European Investment Bank; GRESB BV; ING; KBC Bank NV; KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH ; KPMG; Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick; Loyens&Loeff; Lydian; Macquarie Capital; Maxwell Silver consultancy; Ministry of Finance, Netherlands; Mott MacDonald; NN Investment Partners; NORD/LB; NORDDEUTSCHE LANDESBANK Girozentrale NORD/LB; NordLB; Norton Rose Fulbright LLP; NWB Bank; Orsted; Perpetuum Energy Partners; PMV NV; Poort of Amsterdam; Port of Amsterdam; Port of Rotterdam; Rabobank; Rebel Finance & Transactions BV; Rebelgroup; Simmons & Simmons; SMBC Bank EU AG Amsterdam Branch; SMBC Europe Limited Amsterdam Branch; Van Oord Finance BV; Vanbreda Risk & Benefits; Ventolines ; Zonvest BV;

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Jeroen Kies

Jeroen Kies, Executive Director Structured Finance, SMBC Europe Limited Amsterdam Branch

9:10 Financing of renewable energy projects

Barbara  Zuiderwijk

Barbara Zuiderwijk, Founder and Director, Green Giraffe

• Financing of renewable energy projects
• Recent trends in the industry
• New business models: Power to X and hydrogen

9:50 The Hydrogen Decade: the role of hydrogen in delivering net zero emission targets

John MacAskill

John MacAskill, Director, Offshore Wind Consultants Limited

• Characteristics of hydrogen
• An energy vector - the role of hydrogen across the energy system
• The 2030 low-carbon hydrogen market opportunities are huge
• Offshore wind – hydrogen as a new route to market

10:30 Morning Coffee

11:00 Bankability of European hydrogen and CCUS projects

Lisa McDermott

Lisa McDermott, Executive Director, ABN AMRO Bank N.V

• Overview of European landscape for hydrogen – projects and use cases
• Policy discovery – EU and national policy support
• Financial support, subsidies, IPCEI classification etc
• Equity and debt financing considerations

11:40 EBN’s view on the development and future role of geothermal energy in the Netherlands – case study port of Rotterdam

Eveline  Rosendaal

Eveline Rosendaal, Geo-Energy Program Manager , EBN

• Best practice for making agreements with potential customers for geothermal energy.
• How to work out the costs and what are the financing options?
• Factors to take into consideration to determine a possible location for a test drilling
• What will the infrastructure look like?
• How will geothermal energy compete with energy from other sources?

12:20 Networking Lunch

13:20 Geothermal Energy in Belgium and the Netherlands

Toon Van Ingelghem

Toon Van Ingelghem , Senior Investment Manager , PMV

• Examples of the Financing options available
• Government aid - covering the risk of exploration
• Data and expertise to hand
              *drilling data made publicly available facilitating easy entrance to new players
• implementation of initiatives to stimulate a sustainable future development of the shallow geothermal energy sector in Belgium
• Challenges, lessons learnt and future developments in the Benelux region
• Case studies

14:00 Digital Infrastructure Investment

Mathias Pahlke

Mathias Pahlke, Head of Infrastructure Europe, NORD/LB

• Update on recent developments in the Benelux digital market
• Next Generation Mobility and it’s Impact on (Digital) Infrastructure Investment
• Making Stakeholder cooperation in the digital infrastructure sector work
• Cost overruns in broadband networks and challenges for risk management
• Deployment of ultra-fast broadband: How the abundance of private financing opportunities can help fund projects more efficiently

14:40 Digital Infrastructure in times of Covid19

Toon Van Ingelghem

Toon Van Ingelghem , Senior Investment Manager , PMV

• Digital Infrastructure, what is that?
• The way Covid19 changed our daily lives
• How digital infrastructure facilitated these changes
• What is the current state of the digital infrastructure (in the Nlds)?
• TINC and digital infrastructure: the GlasDraad Case

15:20 Afternoon Tea

15:50 The impact of climate change and health hazard on infrastructure investments

Francois Yves Gaudeul

Francois Yves Gaudeul, Director, Infrastructure Debt, Allianz Global Investors

• How can infrastructure projects be impacted?
• Remedies
• Case Studies

16:30 PANEL DISCUSSION - What actions can help mitigate risks to infrastructure projects caused by climate change and pandemics

• Will project companies suffer deductions for service performance failures or unavailability?
• Isn’t this all just covered by force majeure?
• Could this be an emergency under the project agreement?
• Is there any possibility of relief under the project agreement?
• What impact will this have on my financing arrangements?
• Impact on supply chains
• Will insurance cover the losses?
• Next steps?

Francois Yves Gaudeul

Francois Yves Gaudeul, Director, Infrastructure Debt, Allianz Global Investors

Alistair Perkins

Alistair Perkins, Head of Infrastructure and Project Finance, NN Investment Partners

Benoit Theys

Benoit Theys, Head of Infrastructure Debt, AG Insurance

Martijn Maandag

Martijn Maandag, Business Director, DNV GL

17:10 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Jeroen Kies

Jeroen Kies, Executive Director Structured Finance, SMBC Europe Limited Amsterdam Branch

9:10 Port of Rotterdam’s sustainable 3 steps’ strategy – Energy transition

Tim De Knegt

Tim De Knegt, Manager Strategic Finance & Treasurer, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N V

• ports financing methods towards energy transition
• plans to stimulate important technologies including hydrogen production,
• development of the capture, storage and use of CO2.
• construction of offshore wind farms on the North Sea
• strengthening of the Green Energy Grid for the landing of offshore wind power
• development of a circular economy
• commitment to developing cross-border infrastructure for new energy
• possible introduction of an Emissions Trading System (ETS)

9:50 Onshore Wind in the Netherlands

Stef van Wessel

Stef van Wessel, Contract Manager Windpark Maasvlakte 2, Rijkswaterstaat

• Developments in the onshore wind market – Windpark Maasvlakte 2
• Developing corporate PPA’s for the public sector
• Onshore wind without public subsidy schemes

10:30 Morning Coffee

11:00 Bankability of Offshore Wind Financings

Alexander  Oppenhaeuser

Alexander Oppenhaeuser, MD, Head of Infrastructure & Export Finance, Deka Bank

• Financing offshore wind projects with FiT,
• The use of CfD and corporate/utility PPAs in offshore wind projects
• Financing and risk aspects
• What makes a project bankable?

11:30 Developments in key renewable energy projects – solar offshore and onshore wind

Marc Schmitz

Marc Schmitz, Managing Director , Rabobank

• Examples of contingency when projects go too much over budget
• Importance of sustainability in projects
• Is there a large difference in the process between onshore and offshore?
• Onshore - Case study Drenthe v Krammer project in the province of Zeeland
• problems connecting new onshore projects to the grid.
• accepting market price risk in Offshore Wind farms
• The value of the recent subsidy-free offshore wind tenders
• Challenges overcome in the Westermeerwind, Belwind and NOP Agrowind projects
• Financing of the Budel solar farm

12:00 Energy Transition in Belgium: increase in offshore wind capacity

Mathias Verkest

Mathias Verkest, Project Manager - Mermaid Offshore Wind Farm, Otary

• Energy landscape in BE
• Nuclear phase out and CRM
• Pioneering role of offshore wind as from the early 2000
• Expectations towards 2030
• Case study SeaMade

12:30 Networking Lunch

13:30 How is investing in infrastructure private debt an effective way of achieving SDG-related exposure?

Alistair Perkins

Alistair Perkins, Head of Infrastructure and Project Finance, NN Investment Partners

• Infrastructure debt: targeting SDGs by investing in the real economy
• SDG-linked impact on a range of levels
• Close relationship between borrower and lender strengthens governance and engagement
• ESG criteria increasingly form key part of due diligence process
• ESG integration in loan documentation
• Assessing sustainability – a different ballgame for private debt
• Private debt and impact

14:10 What are the risks and opportunities of green bond finance?

Peter Voorhees

Peter Voorhees, Partner, Simmons & Simmons LLP

• Missing markets and regulation.
• Regulatory and environmental risks
• Complexity and mindsets.
• Are ESG and financial performance mutually exclusive?
• Uncertain / low / no financial returns.
• Earn tax-exempt income
• Higher demand for green bonds equates to lower borrowing costs,
• reduced expenditures,
• increased dividends for the investor
• lower operating costs for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or bonds.

14:50 Adaptation Projects

Jeroen Zanders

Jeroen Zanders, Vice President, Macquarie Capital

• Business Models
• Financing
• Trends
• Case Study
• Future outlook

15:20 Afternoon Tea

15:50 “If I were President of the EU…”

Benoit Theys

Benoit Theys, Head of Infrastructure Debt, AG Insurance

• Do the States have to repatriate production of specific products in the EU ?
• What are the lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis for the infrastructure ?
• Covid19 – Force Majeure or Authority Risk ?
• What are the sectors to receive the priorities ?
• Do the States have to play different roles in the PPP and Concessions contracts ?
• Do the Lenders have to adapt some clauses/mechanisms in the financing agreements ?
• Do we have to re-invent the financing of infrastructure ?

16:30 Investment Planning in the EU – sustainable and social infrastructure

Michael Feith

Michael Feith, Policy Advisor, DG ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL AFFAIRS

• Update on the InvestEU Programme, which will succeed the Juncker Fund from 2021 onwards.
• Based on an EU guarantee of € 38 billion its aims to mobilize € 650 billion of investments by 2027.
• Implementation will be done by the European Investment Bank and other financial institutions
• Comprehensive technical assistance will be provided to structure projects, if needed.
• InvestEU will support the efforts under the “EU Green Deal” including sustainability proofing of projects.
• The InvestEU programme will also support social infrastructure at larger scale, including social housing

17:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two



Park Centraal Amsterdam

Stadhouderskade 25, ZD, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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