SMi is proud to announce the return the 12th annual Asthma & COPD conference 2016 in London!

Respiratory diseases represent an enormous and increasing healthcare and economic burden across Europe and USA.
Over the last few years, significant improvements in the management of asthma and COPD have been made, owing to new drugs, strategies and to the development of the nonpharmacologic treatment of COPD. Nevertheless, there are still many unmet needs in the treatment of these diseases. 

Join us at SMi's 12th annual Asthma & COPD taking place on the 11th - 12th April 2016 in London. This event will explore innovative asthma and COPD drug development programmes, directives and procedures which have been put in place to reduce the enormous suffering from lung disease and its high mortality.



A series of practical case studies, interactive roundtables and panel discussion facilitated by leading industry experts will provide executives with useful tools and best practices to:
• develop vaccination approaches for asthma
• improve inhaled therapies in COPD and development of antivirals
• evaluate the impact of COPD phenotypes on therapy
• explore biomarkers for respiratory drug assessment
• learn about stratified medicine and prevent exacerbation in asthma and COPD

and many more...

• Discuss the recent advances in asthma and COPD management
• Gain insight into the development of antivirals
• Evaluate the impact of COPD phenotypes on therapy
• Review the practice of personalized medicine
• Learn about stratified medicine
• Explore biomarkers for respiratory drug assessment
• Study the identification of new molecular targets
• Analyse developments of vaccination approaches for Asthma


Chief Executives, Chief Scientific Officers, Chief Medical Officers, Vice Presidents, Heads, Directors, Senior Scientist, Principle Scientists, Clinicians, Physicians, Project Leaders, Specialists, and Managers in the following areas:

• Respiratory Physiology & Medicine
• Respiratory Pharmacology
• Regulatory and Medical Affairs
• Inflammatory Disease
• Respiratory, Inflammation and Autoimmunity
• Pulmonary Disease
• Respiratory Therapeutics
• Immunology
• Medical & Inhalation Devices
• In-Vitro Biology
• Biomarker
• Inflammation Discovery
• Preclinical R&D
• Clinical Pharmacology
• Clinical Trials
• Research and Development
• Business Development
• Brand Manager
• Commercial
• Respiratory

3M Health Care; Aerocrine; Aerocrine AB; Amgen; Artimmune S.A.S; Asthma UK; Astrazeneca; AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal; AstraZeneca UK; Bayer Healthcare AG; Bayer Pharma AG; Biopharm Insight; Carclo Technical Plastics Ltd; Chiesi Farmaceutica SPA; Chiesi Group - Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.; Fraunhofer Institut; Fraunhofer ITEM; Genentech, Inc.; Imperial College; Imperial College School of Medicine (N.H.L.I.); Imperial School Of Medicine London; Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Services LLC; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine; London North West Healthcare NHS Trust; Manchester University; MedImmune; Norwegian Hearth and Lung Patient Organisation; Osakidetza; Oxagen Ltd; Saba University ; SkyePharma AG; Synairgen Ltd; The University of Nottingham; Thermofisher Scientific; Thomson Reuters; University College London; University of Glasgow; University of Lyon; University Of Oxford; University of the Basque Country; Vectura; Verona Pharma; VIAJES ATLANTA, SA; VIVISOL; Zagreb Hospital Care ;

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Ewan Walters

Ewan Walters, Medical Director, Teva UK Ltd

9:10 Recent advances in asthma and COPD management

Neil C Thomson

Neil C Thomson, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University of Glasgow

  • Management of chronic asthma including severe disease
  • Pharmacological treatments for COPD
  • Management of the asthma-COPD overlap syndrome
  • Assessment of potential impact of drugs under development for asthma and COPD
  • 9:50 COPD: Unmet need and challenges in NHS care

    John Hurst

    John Hurst, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Honorary Consultant, University College London


  • Exploring the care needs of patients
  • The challenge of patients' unmet palliative care
  • Ten key challenges, representing unmet need, in NHS Care for COPD
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 Developing and registering new inhalers to deliver clinical benefits in asthma

    Ewan Walters

    Ewan Walters, Medical Director, Teva UK Ltd

  • Approval process for inhalers in asthma
  • Developing a new inhaler – delivering incremental improvements 
  • Real world data to assess performance for patients and HCPs of new inhalers
  • Characteristics of a new inhaler to provide benefit 
  • Assessment of training procedures in both HCP (doctors and nurses) and patients 
  • Clinical studies in real world and role of observational studies in clinical practice 
  • 11:40 Development challenges for Generic Inhalation Products for EU and US markets

    Nayna  Govind

    Nayna Govind, Director for the development of generic inhalation products , Dr Reddys Laboratories

  • Formulation and device considerations
  • In-vitro bioequivalence
  • EU & US regulatory requirements


  • 12:20 Networking Lunch

    13:30 Formulation and process challenges in the development of inhaled products

    Frank Thielmann

    Frank Thielmann, Operational Lead, Inhalation New Solids, Novartis Pharma AG

  • Device and formulation systems and their selection
  • Properties of drug substance and product and impact on in-vitro/ vivo performance
  • Challenges in the manufacturing of DPI systems
  • Future trends in inhaled drug delivery
  • 14:10 RPL554, a novel "first-in-class" inhaled drug for the treatment of exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cystic fibrosis

    Jan-Anders Karlsson

    Jan-Anders Karlsson, CEO , Verona Pharma

  • Treatment and prevention of COPD exacerbations
  • Severe exacerbations of COPD and hospital re-admissions shortly after discharge
  • RPL554 – a novel dual PDE3 and PDE4 inhibitor with bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory effect
  • 14:50 Afternoon Tea

    15:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Are children over-diagnosed and trivialised?

    16:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    Ewan Walters

    Ewan Walters, Medical Director, Teva UK Ltd

    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Peter Daley Yates

    Peter Daley Yates, Director Clinical Pharmacology, GSK

    9:10 Design implications and challenges in developing treatments for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

    Andy Kenwright

    Andy Kenwright, Project Statistician , Roche Products Limited

  •  Background to current state of play in treating IPF
  • Clinical development challenges in IPF
  • Combination therapy – is it the future ?
  • 9:50 A pivotal role for the alarmin IL-33 during respiratory exacerbations

    Matthew  Robinson

    Matthew Robinson, Senior Scientist, MedImmune

  • The alarmin IL-33 is increased in the lungs of COPD patients
  • IL-33 exacerbates lung inflammation in a mouse model of smoke and virus challenge
  • IL-33 function is attenuated over time by oxidation
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 Clinical development of "generic" DPls

    Katerina Athanassiou

    Katerina Athanassiou, CR Director, ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co. Inc

  • EMA regulations about the clinical development of OIP
  • Regulatory obstacles on the development
  •  Is the term “generic” applicable to DPIs?
  • 11:40 Scientific aspects of quality regulations in respiratory drug development

    Stefan Leiner

    Stefan Leiner, Chemical-Pharmaceutical Expert, Boehringer Ingelheim

  • What are the current philosophical differences between US and EU quality regulations for inhalation products?
  • How do they translate into current hot topics, e.g. generic approval
  • What would be quality requirements for future therapies (lung cancer, sustained release)?
  • 12:20 Networking Lunch

    13:30 Improving inhealed therapies

    Peter Daley Yates

    Peter Daley Yates, Director Clinical Pharmacology, GSK

  • Improving adherence
  • Improving drug delivery by inhaler and formulation performance
  • Improving pharmacology with new molecules and combination
  • 14:10 Performance Characterisation of Inhalation Products

    Jan Olof Svensson

    Jan Olof Svensson, Principle Scientist AstraZeneca R&D, AstraZeneca

  • Performance characterization in general
  • In-vivo relevant testing
  • Different types of delivery systems - different challenges
  • 14:50 Afternoon Tea

    15:20 Comparison of generic OIP experiences in different markets

    Michelle Lee-Bourner

    Michelle Lee-Bourner, Head of Regulatory, Mylan Pharma UK

  • An overview of the regulatory requirements for key markets globally
  • Market preferences and payer pressures
  • The key scientific challenges in the key markets.
  • Is one global development program ever likely to be possible?
  • 16:00 Corticosteroid insensitivity in severe asthma: Mechanisms and new targets

    Pankaj Bhavsar

    Pankaj Bhavsar, Research Lecturer, Imperial College London

  • Relative corticosteroid  (CS) insensitivity is displayed in both inflammatory and structural cells of patients with severe asthma compared to non-severe asthma
  • Decreased glucocorticoid receptor (GR) expression with impaired nuclear translocation in airway smooth muscle cells (ASMC), associated with reduced dexamethasone-mediated attenuation of p65 recruitment to gene promoters, may underlie the mechanism of CS insensitivity in severe asthma
  • Therapies to overcome corticoid insensitivity could be targeted at improving nuclear translocation of GR in ASMC of severe asthma patients; p38 MAPK inhibitors also provide a potential new therapy for the treatment.
  • 16:40 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

    Peter Daley Yates

    Peter Daley Yates, Director Clinical Pharmacology, GSK


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